Learning how to do foreign trade in Shanghai Dragon

said the actual point, learn to do the foreign trade of Shanghai dragon, in addition to learning English, recommend a few books, this is a "search engine marketing: site traffic speed", written by a foreigner, called the Shanghai dragon sector of the Bible, recommended to see the original, there is not much practical, but there are a lot of principle. I can definitely say, ten times more important than all the technical principle, because the technology may be wrong, there may be outdated, but all the principle of technology and innovation source, help you understand what time what the website technology >

seemingly said pianti, we continue to learn how to do foreign trade official, Shanghai dragon, here I first say a premise, that is the level of English, if you want to do foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng, especially for English said, with the noble baby country, you must own English level is excellent no, say six, but you should have at least six level, if not, I’m sorry to do it, because the nobles of Shanghai baby dragon, want to be successful, what kind of learning is not to English Shanghai Longfeng forum for learning, as you said to search outside, walk, do not want to say, the basic to learn anything, even learned, mostly obsolete, as for training, oh, forget it, some training level is not as good as I do, so English is very important, after the English standard, Go to the English forum, foreigners quite friendly, at the forum, many methods and ideas will be shared (are very advanced), in addition, you ask the question in general will also have master answer, explain very clearly, unlike China, some master answer questions yunliwuli, Yunshanwuzhao, look very deep, in fact useless, people really hate, good technology to hide what, sooner or later be found one day and outdated, but is conducive to share common progress, and even improve the Chinese Shanghai Longfeng level, well, don’t say these things.


how to learn to do foreign trade Shanghai dragon

A little bit more,


how to learn to do foreign trade of Shanghai dragon? Many people ask me! They often seem very puzzled: why noble baby Shanghai dragon than love Shanghai Shanghai dragon to so much, not to mention the conclusion right, at least as far as I am concerned, Shanghai foreign trade operation dragon is than to love Shanghai some worry, why? Because of the nobility baby is now more mature, relatively few changes, adjustments are generally only once a month, and love Shanghai is adjusted once a week, and often the major cause, ranking is not stable, another reason you should know, love is the eight in Shanghai promotion, and love the products in Shanghai love and cooperation of Shanghai official website has overwhelming rankings, so you will often see such a situation, the twenty position eight is love Shanghai, a Know a love love Shanghai, Shanghai encyclopedia, a few love love Shanghai Post Bar, Shanghai cooperation, the rest of the Shanghai dragon to do better, can row in a dozen, what do you mean? As for the noble baby, at least not happen.