ncrease the exposure rate of Taobao baby

on the Internet and also have several years, what is learned? In retrospect, in addition to learn some skills and experience in the promotion of Taobao Taobao shop outside, but also learned how to behave. After the first person to do. People often ask how their goods in the shop are in the front row, and our products are in the back row, some even could not find their goods. Today on this issue, four points to do we talk about Taobao:

first, baby release to timely

their products, their baby, could you hurry every day in the release of their products, they will think their products store more buyers to find more chances, you can instead released hundreds of products, but often come home to ask Tianjin too few people, why in fact, publishing products also have certain knowledge, I saw many community on the release time of the baby, everyone is very clear, is that baby on time can be divided into three periods: morning 9 points to 11 points, 2 points to 5 points, 8 points to 11 points this afternoon, evening, I release the baby a bit out with them, my habit is more to the late again, because you are due next time to use the wrong method, of course I do not oppose the front, actually in front of the party Law is also very good, vary from person to person, oh, only with the end to find their own.

second, window recommended to use

this window can be described as the key to the four, we want to know the answer in this step has played a great role. Taobao for different sellers assigning different recommended window number, to God I am only 30, because has not joined the consumer protection join disappear if there is an additional 5 can be sent to God, so I’ve been looking forward to earn enough money to join the consumer protection, can enjoy more discount. As we all know, in the same goods, many sellers products are randomly assigned in Taobao, but you have not found, the more maturing products are more likely to show in front of, at this time the recommended window plays a great function, similar to the expired goods, recommended there is a big difference with the not recommended, often in front of recommended products will not row in the recommended products, so we always ask me why my products are in the front row, this is done in place. I don’t know how you use this window to recommend, but at least I think so, but also to the Lord my days since experience in smooth Curie modestly income, so, here I am again with you talk about the experience that is really a good place (not to exclude the other community module Oh, oh, or other staff to be pulled out of the fight).

third, store goods to manage

baby more, it is necessary to manage it, a good seller to treat their baby as carefully as their children care, because they believe that each product is >