Pharmaceutical electricity supplier new regulations break Jingdong prescription drug plan to meet th

day before, to the State Food and Drug Administration issued "the Internet operating food and drug supervision and management (Draft)", clear prescription drugs can be sold online. This good news, or let Jingdong had long rumored online sales prescription drug plan to practice.

has not yet been Jingdong on the matter. The Jingdong has just completed the IPO stable performance in the U.S. stock market yesterday to close at $25.78.

according to earlier media reports, in early 2014, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Vice Premier Wang had personally inspected the Jingdong, Jingdong mentioned in the report of the Jingdong from the pharmaceutical business electricity supplier to participate in a pilot program of the national development and Reform Commission medicine, pilot sales of prescription drugs.

according to the information provided by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, sales of Jingdong in the planning process is a prescription drug user, doctor in hospitals and clinics, according to the doctor’s prescription, electronic medical records, Jingdong directly through the online platform orders, prescription drugs purchased by the Jingdong and the completion of delivery.

Jingdong this is an obvious attempt to introduce electricity supplier model to achieve the ultimate separation of medicine. Because, in accordance with the previous state regulations, in the absence of a physical pharmacy prescription can not buy prescription drugs, and online pharmacies are clearly not prescription drugs. Even access to Internet drug trading license of the electronic business platform, but also can only sell non prescription drugs online (OTC).

can be seen, the food and Drug Administration of the draft, is expected to make Jingdong so interested in the layout of the pharmaceutical market electricity supplier, from a low-key pilot, to a thorough open, platform operation.

it is understood that the "draft" in article eighth clearly pointed out that Internet drug operators should be in accordance with the requirements of the drug classification management, prescription sales of prescription drugs; prescription, standard format, validity, shall comply with the relevant provisions of the prescription management.

The value of

prescription drugs in the open circulation is that prescription drugs currently account for 70% to 80% of the overall domestic pharmaceutical sales, so the domestic prescription drug market is huge. Assuming that the total market size of the pharmaceutical industry to break through the calculation, the total amount of prescription drugs will be more than 800 billion yuan, and profits far higher than non prescription drugs.

in accordance with the country’s largest pharmaceutical B2C seven Shi Zhenyang, chairman of the food and beverage speculation that 2015 will usher in an important stage of the pharmaceutical industry changes, the traditional pharmaceutical industry will face great change. The policy guidance is also decided the future trend of pharmaceutical electricity supplier weathervane". Shanghai has been open to the pilot of the medicine, the form of the Internet can be paid medical insurance."

actually, Jingdong since much earlier electricity supplier on the pharmaceutical market has been coveted, and launched the O2O model with the next line pharmacy linkage.

Jingdong involved in online sales of prescription drugs, but also involves a very important piece of business is electronic prescription.

, former executive director of the medical city Shao Qing had to disclose billion state power network, the realization of electronic office.