Where the strategy adjustment pains investment request to focus on brand

Sina Technology Tracy

in March this year, quietly advancing platform strategy, follow the example of vip.com (69.92, 4.89, 7.52%) sale of every guest, suddenly in September a high-profile return "I’m like" brand route. Just a year where customers two times to make strategic adjustment and the key to the brand is the investment decision, these adjustments also give all passengers brought a series of shocks, such as layoffs, such as suppliers owed money.

from brand to platform

"VANCL style" star is already two years ago, the brand experience brilliant customer, the last two years the keyword is "reflection". All passengers aged CEO has announced that before we did more aggressive, do a lot of category lead to serious backlog of inventory, so in the past year where the main work is clearance and adjustment.

and vancl.com from the beginning of this year, where the platform was originally to operate its own brands in large numbers into the third party platform resources, and opened with V+, Sina technology used to search, in a category where the platform, from the third highest goods can reach 70%.

It is a great strategic adjustment to the

where the customer, the business logic behind it is also very obvious, because we did not like the previous inventory liquidation speed as the new, and where the original through endorsements heavily hit a reputation, let every guest has a good flow, the flow can not be wasted.

at the same time, the rapid development of vip.com, Tmall, also let people see the electricity supplier industry, do the third party platform easier to make money, where the customer is no exception. So in addition to the third party platform investment into customer, where the customer has also launched a similar vip.com sale, and hope to do publicity "on BELLE".


strategy has good effectiveness in the second half of this year, there have been revealed clothing brands to Sina Technology, compared to the V+ platform, its products sell better in every guest. According to Sina Technology, third of the proportion of goods on the platform where the highest at once reached 50%, the old previously disclosed plans at the end of 2013 to achieve profitability, which is seen as a most rapid road.

focus back to the brand

Although the old

has always stressed that we hope that through its own brand + third party platform walking on two legs, but the reality is that, in the third party platform received great attention after, where the customer will return to glory, behind the tepid development situation.

According to Sina

technology, we decided to focus back to the brand from investors, they think the investment is "Internet brand customer", rather than "clothing platform where customers". Especially in the current stage, the electronic business platform is very competitive, although third party also have the opportunity, but it looks like "stereotypes", the story space is far better than the brand".

does not have the name where the investment direction of sina said this.