Hotel turned experience electronic business platform Still guest optimal cast more than one to do it

Lei Jun led the millet, why in just four years, walk out of a road in the thousand machine market was not optimistic about the industry, become a new force in the domestic mobile phone’s sister "on behalf of the brand, its core thinking is the mobile phone as a flow entrance, change the traditional ideas, instead of selling hardware" by selling services to open up the profit space, and then to profit feedback hardware, achieve top configuration, cost-effective low-end price. So if the hotel can follow this idea? The answer is yes, thankyou from its mid-range hotel brand – thankyou Hotel thinking of using the Internet to create "cast production", so that the industry has a new understanding of hotel service and profit model.


Tradition Hotel profit model there are two major errors

Internet is destroying the traditional business model at an unprecedented rate, the hotel can not be as traditional as the traditional industry, its profit model is being questioned by the times. Since 2015, the hotel industry leading brands for each acquisition, cooperation is the profit pattern of nanjinrenyi, had to take Gongduonanguan Baotuan heating way. The main reason is that the two places have made a dogmatic error.

is a content of the accommodation services jumped into the trap of inextricably bogged down in. Traditional concept that the hotel’s core services is to stay, as long as the experience can do a good job to create a premium brand. In fact, accommodation is the most basic link of business travel, on top of this there are shopping, catering and entertainment, work and other rigid requirements. In the past, these requirements were met by different commercial carrier, and to the Internet era, with the development of information technology and cross-border integration progress, let these rigid demand have symbiosis, coexistence and cooperation may.

two is still the hotel as a closed place of business. The traditional view is that the hotel needs security responsibility for the guests, so in the design of the hotel to pay more attention to security and privacy. However, today, when the hotel needs to get rid of only a single image of accommodation services, the need for more open thinking to design hotel space.

hotel’s future is to build a consumer ecosystem

the advent of the era of all things, as well as 80, 90 and other emerging consumer groups on the consumer experience of the strong attention, is to promote the various industries to the Internet, integration, intelligent, open. Today, the hotel has become outside the home and office, cafe fourth space, the corresponding service content must be from a single accommodation demand, rapidly shifting to meet the business to work life and other aspects of demand above. Natural carrier and the lobby of the hotel, the room itself is to provide multiple services, according to the business needs, for them to build a consumer ecosystem, is the future direction of development of the hotel industry. Among them, the hotel is still excellent selection of the launch of the cast a more production, is based on the future trend of consumption launched new products and services.