Towards the development direction of domestic e commerce model towards B2C

such a topic just contact for e-commerce near people, too deep and wide, but now just as a web editor for the development stage of the electronic commerce model views saying it, did not join on too many things, is a vast idea.

electronic commerce may in each of the concept of Electronic Commerce asked on the Internet will be introduced to B2B, B2C, C2C, B2G and C2B of the five is the most common, B refers to the enterprise, C refers to an individual, G refers to the government, according to the content in this way instead, thus explaining the electronic commerce model. Here a few of these representative patterns of site B2B Alibaba, B2C Dangdang, excellence, C2C, Taobao, B2G this type of website is in contact with the domestic small pen has not found what representative sites, and most of it is in the digital information to carry out transactions, general situation can understand the procurement information released on a platform for the government and enterprises and government information through such contact form, and is currently in the domestic electronic commerce mode is less mentioned, C2B is currently the most easy to see is the group purchase sites like the main organization, consumers to enterprises to purchase for concessions. The first three models are the most common, and the latter is relatively new, but relatively speaking, the development momentum of the C2B site is now very strong!

remember to listen to a lecture before, talked about the development of Taobao’s seller, in general, as: personal, husband and wife, family, team. This is the development of an excellent seller from the individual to the development of the enterprise, in the lecture a considerable number of more successful sellers have this kind of experience. After they opened a shop in Taobao, the efforts and products of its own advantages and other reasons, have good development, large quantity, is not only the needs of friends and family help, more external personnel, and website development better, the need for greater labor costs as well as the site, in addition to the C shop (is C2C shop) will carry out their own version of the B product store (B2C mode), whether it is from the brand consideration or late development, choose B shop is one of the must. Small explain why I understand, because from the development of a Taobao store, Taobao technology development scope store to cannot do without Taobao, and Taobao store whether success depends on the flow of Taobao, if there is a day of Ali rectification for Taobao project, then the seller directly affected, furthermore, to reach another level of sales to stage a successful online products, then you need to establish a brand, and the brand of things from the shop can not be better, need to establish an independent website, and for staff and development, on a single shop not too reasonable, and will gradually turn to the independent store by Taobao, of course, a website is still the current flow of e-commerce market of Taobao in high traffic, and now the development of good from the Taobao C store to independent B The transfer of the store is not too fast.

is now home to the B2C site can be more famous