When the electronic commerce meets the SNS to be able to collide the common profit spark

1990s, American fans and college students have a very popular game called "Kevin · bacon". The game is to find the "Bacon number" (Bacon number), namely to the movie stars to find the connection between people need the number and bacon between. The actor’s starting point for the game, because it appeared in many films and television works, but he did not play the leading role.

this way, in the form of a small actor network, bacon became the connection point with other people, the result of the game is to let people surprise the television network was very closely connected.

however, if the use of "six degrees of separation theory" to look at the game, you can understand the complexity of the circle, but also through a number of straight lines sketched out the truth. Because the theory of six degrees of separation tells us that the average number of strangers between the world’s two people on average only through the 6 step (the middle of the 5) can be linked together.

these games with the theory of practice later evolved into a running mode of the Internet, that is, later SNS (Social Networking Services, social networking services). SNS began in the United States Friendster.com, founded in March 2003, set off the first wave of SNS. After graduation Standford returnees in the same year in August to create the Chinese version of the Friendster model.

began in 2007, represented by the happy SNS website began to pop up. Entrants generally believe that SNS is a hot spot in the Internet, but in the past two or three years, the SNS website to build the business value of the human network, and does not seem to be a lot of cash flow from the realization of.

can see that some of the community seems to be bustling, but actually struggling to find a profit model. Because the magic advertising is not always winning, but also in the domestic popular CPC (Cost Per Click) the charging mode has a natural Shackles — those with natural distaste for users of mobile advertising, very stingy in their mouse, click on the display ads. But CPM (Cost Per Thousand, access fees per thousand) revenue model is only recognized in the traditional media, the emphasis on the effect of the Internet in this space, the customer’s money is a little difficult to earn.

SNS site is actually a complex relationship between people, circles and circles on the internet. In the process of digitalization, the communication and interaction between people can be transmitted to each node of the network more quickly. This individual to group survival behavior, not only in the film and television, but also in every place, every corner. Because of this universal way of life, the value of this network will eventually be revealed.