Taobao reached the home O2O line vertical platform strong home

March 18th news, it was learned that Taobao has recently been low-key on-line home improvement O2O platform very home, the main home improvement vertical market. responsible person to billion state power network, will focus on making sub brand in several vertical industry this year, a home Jiezhuang industry is the case, the platform has been on-line, the follow-up will update some function.

it is reported that there is a very family domain name, from the product, designers, decoration, community cut into the field of home improvement in four areas, while opening up Taobao, Tmall shop. At present, a family consists of five sub channels: the US, looking for inspiration Master design, product selection, Home Furnishing community, the ultimate decoration 30 days.


Taobao home improvement O2O platform very home

, which is inspired by the United States is to provide home design pictures for users to find inspiration, you can click on the image of the goods to buy (mainly jump to Taobao).

"Master selection" is a boutique shopping channel, Master Jiezhuang in the platform can be recommended by their love of the Home Furnishing products, and directly into the Taobao purchase.

"looking for design" is the main designer platform. Very family has introduced a personal designer, designer company, for the user to choose. The user can view the designer model works, pay attention to the designer, and enter the designer shop online purchase.

home community is the owner of the decoration diary community, users can publish their own renovation experience, or the release of decoration needs, looking for designers.

"the ultimate decoration 30 days" is a very home planning a real room show, on the platform of a live broadcast of a new area of 89 square meters of new premises decoration of the whole process of 30 days.

above the relevant person in charge of Taobao said, very soon there will be a focus on the introduction of a series of home market activities, as to what form of activity, it is not convenient to disclose.

in fact, as early as 2010, Taobao launched an independent home improvement Museum, but mainly to sales of products. December 2014, Taobao opened in Guangdong, Foshan, the country’s first O2O platform experience flagship store, trying to enhance the sense of experience and home improvement services. From the very home of the current situation, it is more of a complete set of home design, rather than a single product.

it is understood that home improvement O2O overall solution is becoming a new ground for each scramble. Traditional furniture retail enterprises actually launched in March 15th this year, the online design service platform, trying to build a platform for designers and users to build a platform for information exchange. The new home O2O enterprise "Hui installed network" has recently announced the completion of $ten million A+ round of financing.