Ali announced Tmall dual 11 strategic investment settled lower threshold

NetEase science and technology news October 13th news, Alibaba today announced this year’s 11 double Tmall strategy. It is said that after last year’s 35 billion, Alibaba internal platform sales target will be raised to 50 billion.

Ali will be from the wireless, social, personalized and localized aspects of exploration and practice of Ma proposed cloud + end strategy. In addition, Tmall wireless mobile phone Taobao, Alipay wallet, micro-blog, UCweb, Ali investment Youku, Yintai will join them. At the same time, the strategy landed on the code Amoy and O2O will also play a role in the double 11. On the code Amoy, this year to sign up to participate in the double 11 shops will be opened through the package code to open the store marketing interaction – the user can scan the two-dimensional code on the package, to participate in store activities. At present, there are 18 stores using parcel service code.

According to NetEase

technology to Tmall settled merchants, early in August this year, Tmall has released 2014 "double 11" investment rules, the rules can be seen and compared to previous years have more than one category for the first time and settled lower threshold of investment.

at the same time to expand the category, after the listing of Ali’s most investment institutions are concerned about the growth of the mobile terminal as well as Tmall space, the dual eleven Alibaba also think of ways to increase investment in the mobile terminal. According to the NetEase of science and technology understanding, a number of brands of Tmall has been explicitly requested to not only do online planning, but to create a full range of mobile marketing strategy under the end line. (Sun Hongchao)