Hu Yibo on the network to make money online marketing

network in recent years money is not what big secret, do not know who those who engage in Wangzhuan forum is how to think. Open VIP service, resource sharing, teach others what is SEO, what is, what is the Wangzhuan Baidu bid, what is the electronic commerce can collect hundreds of thousands and even some VIP cost.

In fact,

is divided into several simple Wangzhuan only, such as e-commerce, selling goods, money, the membership, advertising agency, money, money, surfing game download software to make money, make money gambling etc.. But now the domestic and foreign Wangzhuan Wangzhuan not so many money, do Wangzhuan are for foreign markets to do. Common such as: foreign trade, foreign click Union, foreign CPS, etc..

for Wangzhuan can say I was a rookie, I can only say that after a friend to explain I tell you the marketing ways to make money online. Ah Jun everyone should know it, in Lu Songsong’s blog by Lu Songsong also wrote several articles for him. It can be said, O Chun do Wangzhuan not by chance and luck, but by the unremitting efforts only today, chun. A Jun Wangzhuan way is almost to the Baidu auction sales, today I and you talk about how to do network marketing.

SEO optimization

do sales must have accurate title, target keywords and related web site description, through SEO Baidu optimization will target keywords ranking can get accurate customer orientation, also can say so. Almost half of the people who use the target keywords to your site may be your potential customers. So, SEO is doing sales and barely missing wangzhuan. This method is suitable for beginners, because this method is relatively slow and slow

do directional advertising

targeted advertising is related to the site on the advertising to obtain accurate traffic, for example, it is not afraid of how to understand the novice. For example: do weight loss products, you can go to the health website, weight loss website, women’s Web site and other categories of Web site to advertise this is called directional advertising)

search engine PPC

competitive ranking according to your marketing goals to do judgment. Such as: do foreign trade, foreign Wangzhuan bidding, generally recommended to choose Google or other foreign search engines. If the sales target group is China, then Baidu is certainly the best choice. Competitive ranking with SEO optimization method is almost the same, but the ranking is ranked by throwing money to get the rankings. Thus there is a certain risk, so do the bidding and bidding price keyword ranking selection is very important, if not close enough and the price bidding keywords may according to a high sales performance is not ideal and the cost of advertising investment is too large. So, this method (fast response. But there are a number of risks, suitable for understanding of the bidding related to intermediate and expert level operations (

)In fact,

said the Wangzhuan simple point is directed through the flow of sales advertising, sales of products and delivery >