Wang Jianlin Suning Wanda signed binding development agreement with three points


technology news September 6th morning news, Suning and Wanda held a press conference in Beijing announced strategic cooperation, Suning stores will be stationed in the Wanda plaza. Wanda will also provide resources for the development of Suning custom.

Wanda chairman Wang Jianlin said at a strategic cooperation conference speech, the two sides have three main points of cooperation, one is the powerful combination, the two is complementary, and the other is mutually beneficial mutual benefit. Any future projects on both sides have the right to choose, two or more China billion level leading enterprises to sign close agreement, binding agreement, is not common, signed this agreement, fully shows that the two sides of each trust. (Warriors)

following Wang Jianlin speech record:

dear President Zhang Jindong, dear Su Ning executives, all guests and friends, first of all I would like to congratulate the representative of Wanda Group to sign with Su ningyun the strategic cooperation agreement of our group, and you can come to the meeting expressed a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks


Wanda Group signed and Suning the significance in many aspects, because of the time, I said three points, the first is the combination of the two companies are leaders in their respective industries, we know that Wanda is in the Department of commerce real estate first in the world, Su ningyun is the industry leader, so the two combination, will produce more than 2 1+1 results.

second, complementary cooperation between the two sides, we are not simply with today’s accumulation, or the strength of both sides, nouveau riche to do this one thing, all is short board visits to complement each other’s strengths. For example, Su ningyun through years of development, the real implementation of the interactive online and offline, a new business model integration, they also develop their innovative brand, called Su Ningyun, as well as traditional Suning Appliance and other commercial facilities, but also to achieve the online and offline the integrated mode of the new businesses for Wanda Commercial needs in terms of business, he is also the innovator, we need to achieve in the future, both online and offline business in Wanda business, whether commercial or commercial Internet plus, plus the Internet, can be realized, this is why we are now in the pursuit of this. Is a good guide, we need to do this.

for Su Ningyun, Wanda Plaza is the city center, the operation is extremely stable and growing passenger traffic, the first half of this year increased by 28% over the first half of last year the proportion of the total passenger Wanda Plaza, the new shop factors removed, every square of people Dou Chao had two digit growth, at least in the above 10%. The economic downturn, whether it is popular or the passenger are maintained two digit growth, the stable operation for Su ningyun is a kind of security.

third, mutual benefit and mutual interference, Su ningyun obtained stable growth rate can be expected from this cooperation, Wanda from the beginning of this year, next year the number of stores will be doubled to 26 this year, next year may 55, the year after the.