On behalf of the operators conservative choice net of the traditional retailers


is a whole industry chain brand like Metro or COFCO, such entities super, electronic commerce have become the focus of their new strategy in recent years. But on the one hand, the traditional business electricity supplier experience is relatively insufficient; on the other hand, the cost of all independent operations too large. These companies have turned to a more conservative "net" – generation operation.

overcome bottlenecks

generation of operations, that is, a professional third party company to build a platform for e-commerce projects, daily management agency. The operator is generally Tmall, Jingdong and three party platform on the official flagship store, or corporate website and vertical online shopping mall.

from the Ministry of Commerce to encourage large physical retailers to start online shopping mall, e-commerce has become a new focus of the development of physical retail enterprises. Wangfujing department store group, the relevant person in charge, at present, the traditional retail industry’s interest in e-commerce and attention is unprecedented. However, in many of the electricity business people’s eyes, but there are many traditional retailers do business bottleneck, which is caused by an important reason after a lot of retailers lost net.

"experience and ideas on the opposite is the retail business entities do business a big problem." An electricity supplier company CEO said. A few years ago, he worked for a large group of online retail business in Beijing made a detailed investigation report and development plan, but due to differences of opinion, the project had to give up.

in his view, on behalf of the operator can become the first step towards a conservative traditional business towards the electricity supplier, which also received the approval of the electricity supplier, including the generation of operators, including Rui Jinlin, founder of the industry, including the approval of the industry, including. On behalf of the operation of relatively small investment, low cost, high efficiency, and can easily collect user needs." An Shihui believes that the generation of operators is one of the traditional way to cut electricity supplier business. Generation operators can provide professionals, ERP system, and is familiar with the customer needs of online shopping group, than the traditional business on a self built online mall to much more insurance.

strategic springboard

in this round of traditional retailers "business" trend, in recent China to accelerate the expansion of foreign supermarket metro also frequently test the field of electronic commerce, not only opened a "Metro online mall" B2B business and Tmall mall Metro official flagship store B2C business, in cooperation with full network group purchase website development marketing channel.

industry sources close to metro, Metro hope that through business on behalf of the operating companies to cultivate the market, understand the user, but eventually will continue to be the independent B2C site as the main form of management, implementation of O2O business model.

insiders revealed that the generation of operations as a strategic springboard in the form of the industry is not uncommon. Not long ago, China opened its first store in the United States of America’s fast fashion brand Forever 21, its official website and Tmall flagship store in Shanghai has been operating about one