Gome quit electricity supplier platform last year the supply chain breakthrough


original title: the United States and the United States to continue to repurchase shares to withdraw from the electronic business platform

Gome (00493.HK, hereinafter referred to as the United States) this month has been three repurchase, stock prices have also been improved.

last year, the United States has realized losses, but the integration of online and offline "answer" to be further expanded, which can make the United States gain momentum long-term support prices.

repurchase to convey confidence

April 15th, the United States to spend HK $14 million to repurchase shares of the company’s shares, subscription price of HK $1.4 per share of HK $10 million. The United States on the day of the announcement, repurchase operations are based on the June 2013 United States shareholders to authorize the board of directors, the next step is to repurchase additional shares will depend on market conditions, and the decision by the board of directors.

this is the third time this month, the United States repurchase equity. April 7th, the United States to HK $26 million 164 thousand to repurchase shares of 20 million shares, subscription price of about HK $1.3 per share in April 11th, the United States and to HK $36 million 832 thousand, repurchase of shares of 25 million 782 thousand shares, subscription price of HK $1.4 per share. These three repurchase cost-effective, in the first half of April 2014, the United States spent nearly HK $77 million to repurchase approximately 55 million 780 thousand shares.

in March 21st this year, the United States held a briefing on the results in 2013 and announced O2M full channel strategy, the same day the United States opened at HK $1.21 / share. From last year performance losses and new stimulus strategy, Gome shares pulled clear. Why do you want to further boost the stock price through repurchase?

said the United States chief financial official Wei yesterday to accept the "First Financial Daily" a telephone interview with reporters, "in order to reflect the company’s repurchase is confidence in the new strategy, to show that the company is undervalued."

he said, the United States in the Hongkong stock market capitalization of about $3 billion, Suning in the domestic stock market capitalization of about $8 billion, while Jingdong overseas valuation of $10 billion. The United States is still facing the outside world macroeconomic, electricity providers and other pressures rise.

in order to deliver the strategic transformation of the determination and confidence, since March 21st, within a month, the United States in Hongkong, Singapore, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and other places to do road show. Fang Wei admitted that the effort "in 2004 than in the United States listed".

it was speculated that the United States and the United States is a major shareholder repurchase Wong Kwong Yu return, Bain Capital fade prelude. Fang Wei denied this rumor. He said, Bain familiar with the situation in the United States, a new round of growth before they start, will not leave now, Bain join us in the global roadshow".

The United States

global roadshow emboldened from losses last year, and the amount of profit growth". In 2013, the United States sales income of 56 billion 400 million yuan (the same below), an increase of 10.4%; net profit of the year; comprehensive >