From traffic to do after the brand network card has been to the development of Zen

in recent years with the "wheat bags" and "zocainone" and a series of network brand was born, gradually "net goods" has been quietly to the "net" brand gorgeous transformation. "Online retailing may be another retail revolution following the chain operation." China’s well-known retail expert Professor Gu Guojian’s remarks are caused by the boiling of the Taobao business. Open the Taobao home page is not difficult to find, in the original price, discounts, promotions for the advertising theme all the businesses are now spending billions of dollars, won the Taobao home focus map is "not only talk about commodity brand".

sellers: credit inflation

"promotional activities to do more anti money more, discounts, promotions, only a short while ago, seckill activity is Taobao to attract traffic killer sellers. Show jewelry franchise store Miss Shi said: the main purpose is to participate in promotional activities to promote the sale of other products store, or let more people into the store, store collections. In the early stages of our development, we do rely heavily on these activities with discount flow."

once upon a time, Taobao shop can drill on the shop has been something to celebrate. Now the crown shop gold shop also meet the eye everywhere, Miss Shi said: "the money will not only about inflation, credit will." More and more network operators have noticed this, just focus on sales, will fall into a vicious spiral of vicious competition, profits increasingly thin, an increasingly heavy workload. "We used to do the factory, in the so-called puerile, this road has eaten too thanks to."

Study on

international retail network will analyze the Secretary General Zhao Muzhi: "the law of the development of e-commerce brand will eventually follow the traditional brand, also gradually from the one-sided pursuit of short-term sales to take into account the long-term brand building. In fact, there is no success of the brand, by discount, buy, spike and other markdowns will eventually go into a dead end."

buyers: Amoy affordable to Amoy brand

from the buyer’s point of view is also analyzed, Taobao is no longer everyone Amoy cheap to discuss where it is, but become a daily shopping channels. Therefore, quality, brand has become the main factor contributing to consumption. 3 diamond buyers "seven" said: "in the past, pay more attention to product price and store credit, will now consider these factors before deciding to buy the brand image, enterprise strength, buyers praise rate." Throughout the online buyers in the online sharing of Amoy experience, it is not difficult to find even the model image, product style, customer service evaluation are within the scope of their consideration.

changes in consumer habits, but also determines the business must be transformed.

brands: the promotion of appeal Shun potential and change

show jewelry franchise shop is relatively fast to adapt to this transformation of the typical enterprise. Miss Shi said: "we are now promoting investment is gradually transformed, such as our targeted in Taobao’s official media," Taobao world "and other print media advertising. The traditional form of advertising is more conducive to shaping the brand, but also by the