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elevator safety, three by seven on the production, repair and maintenance. Elevator accidents occur frequently, but many of the risks are still wandering in the legal regulatory blind area. In accordance with national laws and regulations, engaged in elevator safety management, installation and maintenance of special trades must be certified. But the reporter learned that this kind of documents only 1200 yuan can be easily bought in Taobao, without training without examination. In addition, the elevator maintenance price, maintenance quality is uneven, no rules at all. Quality supervision is to remind the majority of elevator owners to buy elevator insurance, and improve safety awareness ladder.

text / Guangzhou Daily reporter Du Meng

chaos: no training examination can give you the money to do card

days ago, Hubei Jingzhou department store escalator "swallow" incident triggered public discussion of elevator safety. Jingzhou City Safety Supervision Bureau said, according to preliminary analysis, the elevator is not in a state of repair, the cause of the accident for the elevator in the connection between the front edge plate cover loose.

according to the provisions of the state "special equipment safety law", engaged in elevator installation and maintenance of special equipment professionals need certificates. But in practice, this kind of special types of documents only 1000 yuan can get, no need to participate in the training and examination.

yesterday, the reporter in the Taobao to lift maintenance certificate for keywords search, found a number of "selling card" education and training institutions. In a marked address for the training institutions in Ji’nan, the reporter found that the shop sells a variety of special equipment operator card.

photographed the goods and payment, the registration of the required materials (two inch white photos and identity cards are scanned on the opposite side) sent to me, and then indicate the document you want to do so." Shop owner said that the elevator class operating documents but only 1200 yuan can get. Do not need to test, do not need training, just send the material to the seller’s mailbox, a month or so will be able to do card." With the reporter’s question, the boss repeatedly that, "Taobao consumer protection we join, any problems can apply for compensation".

reporter learned that, in accordance with the specific types of elevator operation certificate is different, but also divided into T1, T2, T3, respectively, corresponding to the elevator machinery installation and maintenance, electrical installation and maintenance of elevators, elevator drivers and other three categories. The store said, no matter what kind of certificate, can ensure the reality check. However, the store also said, "the trouble now, this document has not made good estimates."

why do not need to test the training can get special equipment operation certificate, the boss told reporters, we have done for several years, there are physical shops can train students. You only need to submit personal information, I can help you do the training hours and training records, about a month can help you get a job permit."