How to open a profitable clothing store

today to talk about a more relaxed topic, ha ha. We all know that a woman is a natural Shopaholic, a woman’s money. Some people do not say that 80% of the world’s wealth is created by men, and the wealth of the woman is spent (other people say, do not hit me), the business should do a woman’s business in. But I’ll struggle after the men chose to do, earn money guys. In fact, men more than women earn good, why am I speaking here.

men’s market environment and women’s clothing is not the same. Because of the theory of the bottom front, so do women, men do less. Most of my friends are doing women’s clothing, leaving the market gap is relatively large, men do not have to compete with the relative pressure.

men and women shopping habits are different. Men shop for the purpose, women shopping for fun. Clear purpose of shopping is straightforward, the price sensitivity is not high. And women buy clothes need a good guide, very sensitive to the price.

men’s and women’s life cycle is not the same. Men’s long life cycle, short women. The benefits of a long cycle is not to worry about the pressure, not the day to develop the new style, even if the development of change is not large, to change to look like that. Women’s change is very fast, can not have a day off, thinking must keep up with the market changes, or you are difficult to do a good job.

is the last interest, I used to be a person who has no taste of the clothes, I can open a pat fashion foreign trade men’s clothing store, often have new clothes to wear, although most of the rest of the sale, ha ha. Men’s fashion magazines do not sell less, in the time to do the dress I raised their men’s taste and taste. I do not really interested in women’s clothing, so everyone in the clothing business, first of all, to consider their own interests, there is no interest in doing things a little tired.

for clothing, whether it is to do men’s clothing or do women have a great market, but because of their different characteristics, different types of entrepreneurs should choose different entrepreneurial direction.