Online delivery to explore a new model of cross border electricity supplier logistics

foreign trade electricity supplier has been faced with logistics problem. Foreign trade electricity supplier orders mainly adopts international parcel and international express delivery, but these two methods have limitations, the larger cycle length, tuotou rate is low. Dunhuang in the first half of this year launched the "online delivery" of the new logistics service, application, line delivery through the online way, simplifies the delivery process for foreign businesses to provide more convenient delivery service.

online delivery is divided into two kinds of modes of transport, shipping and international e po. Warehouse delivery to the seller to enjoy low logistics discount, the seller will send goods to the designated warehouse, online payment of logistics costs, the warehouse will be unified deployment, centralized delivery. At present, Dunhuang has been in Shanghai, Shenzhen, respectively, the establishment of a storage center.


warehouse in Shanghai in May 14th this year on the line, provide easy optimization of supply chain (e-ulink) services, covering 107 countries and regions, each region according to different criteria for the logistics costs of different stages of the weight of goods. Shenzhen warehouse on October 16th formally launched, covering more than and 220 countries and regions worldwide.

delivery because of centralized delivery, higher overall efficiency, tuotou time in 5-7 days, real-time tracking, simple operation, allow buyers to enjoy the high quality of logistics services at the same time, greatly reduces the cost of logistics. At the same time, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the surrounding areas to provide more convenient service.

e is China Po international courier logistics Limited by Share Ltd to meet the needs of international market of electronic commerce delivery launched economic express product. The price is low, tuotou cycle is short, the whole tracking information, at the same time by postal personnel pick-up. The United States International E Po line has been opened in May 13th this year.

in the whole foreign trade electricity supply chain services, logistics is a key ring, since the logistics cost is the biggest cost of online trade, strengthen the logistics is an important step to improve the service, but also the effective way to increase the profit, only to enhance the logistics capability in order to shorten the trade cycle, accelerate the capital turnover. Online delivery is an ideal logistics service, compared with the traditional courier pick up after delivery mode, more efficient, cheaper, and better user experience.