Online shopping led B2C optimization strategy

online shopping has been recognized by many people, because of convenient, affordable, a variety of advantages of online shopping more and more popular, the most famous number of Taobao, followed by Baidu, eBay and pat just out of the ah, as everyone knows eBay and Baidu has ah pat and is unable to shake the dominance of Taobao, eBay in a lot of ways didn’t get too much market share.

          even now there are many online online shopping market was an evil member of the herd to disrupt the online shopping, the heat did not diminish, however, as Taobao, Alipay, eBay, PayPal, caifutong and similar to the intermediary payment system plays a supervisory role, the amount of information on this website optimization B2C so much inside page is particularly important to product page optimization keywords category name as the main optimization of product classification, do the most taboo is all the SEO pages are also competitive keywords fixed, for the long tail keywords can not be overlooked, visitors do not know SEO only know how to use their own wishes to search, so the visitors must cater to the psychology, the general classification page is the title of the best product category name – the name of the web site to write the title, the introduction of the product page Should be in the form of the product name – category name – site name.

          this will appear in the pages of each page of a word competition, greatly improving the visitors hit rate, visitors want to search the products they want, a page and then optimize the product name is precisely the site, site traffic increased rapidly. Go home and competing products industry hot words, but like some of the strength of the site is mainly rely on advertising to promote, for example, Baidu has ah, very rich, whether a site or commercial building are its TV advertising, other similar and common website optimization. For the commercial nature of the station actually key is not entirely SEO, really can sell things, improve the conversion rate of the site is king. But SEO is also an essential link, after optimization rankings improve the site’s exposure rate, let more people come in, then of course is the user experience, many should pay attention to the details such as how fast and convenient shopping process, to the classification of products visitors find convenient layout. The user experience is an important part of the interests of the whole process of such a down optimization is considered complete.

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