Tootoo season this year will not play non rational subsidies

news May 16th, Tootoo CEO said, immediately to the next fresh season, but this year, fresh electricity will be more rational, not take non rational subsidies.

after a few years of irrational subsidies, whether it is the enterprise itself or investors are not likely to continue to support this play law." Du Fei said that now fresh electricity supplier began to return to the commodity itself, looking for quality and differentiated products, as well as more stable and high-quality shopping users.

Du Fei said that this year the fresh season, Tootoo products mainly come from the source of origin, with high quality organic agricultural products, imports of meat, imported aquatic products, will use the C2B fan economic model construction and sale of goods.

in the supply chain, Tootoo service in this year will be combined with more professional cold chain company, proprietary business accounted for compression.

June is Tootoo the anniversary month, from mid May to June will continue to repay the old users and attract new users to the theme of the promotional activities, including sales of main products of good quality and low price. At the same time, the interaction between Tootoo will increase and users, through participation in experiential activities to attract users.

In addition,

also mentioned that the current fierce competition in the industry, in terms of fresh electricity supplier in terms of how to stabilize the old users, add new users is the biggest problem. To solve this problem, we need high quality products, good supply chain service and reasonable category structure.