Life is only 1 months of Alibaba by the international anti fake out alliance

international anti fake Alliance announced, because some member companies to become the world’s largest fake market Alibaba IACC has stopped Voices of discontent. Alibaba, membership, embarrassment, the Alibaba in the organization only for 1 months.


May 14th international anti fake Alliance (IACC) announced that, because some member companies of Chinese Alibaba become the world’s largest electricity supplier giant fake market Voices of discontent. IACC has stopped Alibaba, membership, embarrassment, in April this year, the international anti fake alliance Alibaba agreed to join the organization, that is to say, the Alibaba in the organization only for 1 months.

Alibaba brutally beat face

back in April 13th this year, the Alibaba to join IACC attitude is not high, in a press release, Alibaba said in a press release which is the world’s first joined the organization’s business platform, "by members of the IACC alliance, the Alibaba group will be able to question on changes in the situation and the counterfeit and infringement of intellectual property protection. With other members of the organization of learning and constructive dialogue". IACC also said that the move will help apple, Procter & Gamble, Nike and other large companies to combat counterfeit products.

but the move was strongly opposed by some members of the IACC, these companies will be regarded as the world’s largest fake Alibaba market. Ali joined the luxury brand Gucci, Michael Kors and Tiffany have withdrawn from the organization, members have published an anonymous letter, said that if you do not cancel the eligibility of Alibaba, a large number of members will withdraw from IACC.

is also part of the membership for the organization President Bacchesi (Barchiesi) of conflicts of interest and some members complain that questioned the sound more and more high, at the same time, IACC also stopped the and RealReal of the two members of the electricity supplier qualification, in order to investigate.

According to

smart finance understanding, so far, there is no official response to the Alibaba.

IACC what the hell is that?

smart finance was informed that the international anti fake alliance is a small, but influential institutions, often lobbying the U.S. government officials, and in congressional testimony. So far, IACC is considered to be the world’s largest anti counterfeiting infringement non-profit organizations, a total of more than and 250 members, covering the mainstream brands in the industry have a comparative reputation. Mainly for the impact of counterfeit goods, as well as the protection of intellectual property rights of the company to provide assistance.

industry insiders believe that Alibaba to join the IACC to help them get rid of the image of the past selling fake and shoddy goods.

In April 30th

IACC, chairman of the board of directors of · Tang; Atlas had issued an internal e-mail to explain Ali to join the organization of a thing, in the mail, Tang &m>