Tencent QQ online shopping for Jingdong vest Million domain names are reused

in March this year, to turn to overtake the United States listed Alibaba Jingdong jd.com, at the cost of "marry" Tencent. "Penguin" also generous will do bad business C2C pat Network and QQ online shopping, as the marriage dowry goods package sent to Jingdong. At present, Tencent QQ online shopping has been replaced with the Jingdong vest, renamed Jingdong and Tencent and online shopping, online shopping to say goodbye to QQ, the official domain name wanggou.com has experienced what changes?

figure: Jingdong online shopping

it is understood, QQ online shopping and QQ mall, pat Network paipai.com independent electricity supplier platform. It was officially launched in October 11, 2011, Tencent brand attachment, enabled the domain name buy.qq.com, and holds the QQwanggou.cn/.com.cn domain name protection. March 26, 2013, Tencent’s QQ online shopping and QQ mall merger, the new platform to unify the brand QQ online shopping. The same year at the beginning of June, from Tencent spend one million yuan acquisition of "online shopping" domain name wanggou.com, QQ online shopping at the Tencent, and officially opened in early July. Upon inquiry, the domain average daily IP (March average) of 348000, the average daily PV (average in March) was $696000.

lay in the field of social status of the Tencent, in order to open in the electricity market out of QQ online shopping is more attention. Earlier, at Lahan clothing, seven princess Taobao in a famous battle of the Amoy brand business platform. But insiders bluntly, "there are several Tencent electricity supplier Army (QQ paipai.com, paipai.com online shopping easy fast pat Network, yixun.com), but did not charge into the enemy ranks of experience." The lack of electricity supplier gene Tencent, and then has been looking for the best time to halt the troops and wait, breakthrough in the electricity supplier in the battlefield.

Tencent and Jingdong

until March this year, to find the "division" Tencent announced that the penguin and dogs love airness! Tencent for $214 million + + electricity + digital Tencent Tencent Tencent Guangzhou 4 + easy fast logistics company as a dowry, married a white Formica Jingdong. The industry believes that the "flash marriage" is to supplement the defects. Because of the Tencent and Ali competition advantage is the Jingdong and the electricity supplier, Ali alone, weak in the flow entrance etc.. Query Alexa learned that jd.com average daily IP (March average) was 3591000, the average daily PV (average in March) of up to 107730000. The Taobao taobao.com domain name and a stroke above Ali IP/PV (March daily average) were 201090000 and 1608720000.

at present, access to the QQ online shopping wanggou.com, its name and logo are put on the "Jingdong" brand vest. Like the top left corner of the web page with the Jingdong "Metal Dog joy" mascot, and