Community electricity supplier how to dream into reality

real estate business cross-border community electricity supplier

July 9, 2013, a China originally focused on the real estate industry investment group announced: Shenzhen Fantasia, spin off company hopes to complete its color of life services group in 2013 before the end of the listing, and plans to build the largest Property Management Company service agency business district. Fantasia CEO Pan Jun made it clear that the future will be Fantasia from the traditional property management business to the community to cross-border electricity supplier, is obviously different from the traditional real estate business.

Pan Jun refers to the community electricity supplier, in fact, is the color of life property management community residents into potential consumers, in the form of mobile phone APP will be linked to businesses and residents. District residents to buy food, dining, shopping and other needs, can be achieved in the development of APP to achieve. Fantasia "community service business operators" action can be regarded as the difference of the property management and real estate cross-border electricity supplier an important part of the strategy, and a practitioner of which is now China business cross-border wind rise. Pan Jun said, "the color of life in the community business platform" perfection, Fantasia hope with community value-added services, beyond the group’s real estate business in 2020 the property income and profits.

business upstart with community electricity supplier upstart

with the gradual popularization of the Internet in China, the number of Internet users is growing at an alarming rate. The position of the network in people’s life has been transformed from the previous information channel into a way of life. Online shopping industry in recent years, the rapid development of online shopping has become a consumer fashion, and the great momentum to catch up with the traditional consumer habits. Has been like, Tmall, Jingdong,, such as in online shopping based business platform, but also created a group of business upstart, such as Ma Yun, Liu Qiangdong, Li Jing, Li Guoqing etc..

however, because shopping habits, integrity, customer service delivery costs, not physical, services and other issues, constitute a huge obstacle in our country at the present stage of online shopping, more consumers will need a shopping online and real life perfect combination of new forms of online shopping. In reality, people’s attention and time, continue to online transfer, and life, but also in the local continue.

community electricity supplier is very popular in recent years a community electronic commerce (ESN) is for the transaction behavior with community property users, in the community website, the user provides a more convenient way for the community of online sales, has the characteristics of fast speed, high efficiency and low cost etc.. Different from the electronic business platform, the electricity supplier community focuses on community residents to meet the rigid requirements, such as daily necessities and services products in the commercial entity class property management, housekeeping, payment, education, health and other. July 25, 2012, Taobao announced in the second quarter of 2012, the national urban living consumption index, the first quarter of this year, online shopping service life than the strong growth in the first quarter to 7.6 times, the online ordering of the 3 million 240 thousand