2013 electricity supplier to accelerate the integration of traditional brands

online and offline accelerated fusion

with many retailers began OCS, online and offline in recent years has begun to enter the integration phase. Top grade discount net, intime, Wangfujing, Parkson and SciTech outlets has launched a business platform. With the double 11 boom, including JACK&JONES, camel and other clothing brands, including traditional brands, but also enough electricity supplier addiction.

but in fact, the integration of online and offline is not so simple.

At the beginning of the new year

, short rent short rent platform and ant pig short rent won the first financing, seems to indicate that the O2O industry will become the new darling of the capital in 2013; Alipay’s "Super Collection" products also show its low-key trial, trying to take advantage of mobile payment and offline businesses to cover; and easy fast net business enterprise open the line customer service shop in Beijing, is trying to pure business of "landing".

in the industry view, this year, the integration of online and offline electricity supplier will include supply chain management, price system, commodity sales process, payment processes and after-sales service, and not just stay in the surface. Su Ning, vice chairman Sun Weimin believes that the integration of online and offline industry as an irreversible trend, "in the future, with traditional retailers as the representative of the" third forces "will rise, become one of the main electricity supplier industry". Sun Weimin said.


consumer driven model

whether the pre-sale mode Tmall launched in the "double 11" period, or in the days before Juhuasuan just announced the launch of the "poly customization platform, have revealed the Alibaba group of" consumer driven "mode in favor of.


group chief of staff Ceng Ming pointed out that B2C just declare in no uncertain terms, a transitional business model, the future of e-commerce in C2B. Perhaps after five years or even eight years, the market share of less than C2B mode or 10%, but the market must be the most ‘fat’ piece, but also the future of the business of the most brilliant, the most brilliant piece of." Zeng Ming said.

, however, for the scattered and huge customer demand, in the view of many C2B is more of a concept of the business model, so Alibaba also is put forward in the C2B mode after a long period of time, and did not begin to test the waters of this pattern. Until last year, double 11 period, Tmall through the sale of brand goods and new custom these two forms, began to focus on mass customization.

days ago, Juhuasuan group president Zhang Yu proposed in the "Juhuasuan C2B seminar", Juhuasuan is expected to achieve 5 billion yuan in custom goods this year, and that C2B does not exclude the common needs, and some products will in a standardized form of circulation, showing demand for centralized purchasing mode". For suppliers, the perfect formula for the C2B model is zero inventory and no account. For consumers, a relatively high degree of personalization and a high degree of concentration of customized products are competitive.