Classified information and spring People push micro network station grab three or four line Market

when 58 city and Ganji in the north of Guangzhou to win the fight at outrance when changing the direction of network people quietly, deep into the three or four line of the market. In the mobile Internet and O2O tide, the three giants are moving to the classification of information in different directions, the 58 city focus on mining O2O market, Ganji recruitment force mobile and mobile network of real estate, people choose to stick to the classified information, to seize the three or four line of the city.


58, a second tier market, classified information market the most potential market has basically been developed and There is not much left. in the three or four line of the market, because the city population size and economic level, classification of information service’s liquidity is not strong. Classified information website to hire, rent for the two main business, and then the secondary trading and other information display. As a second tier city has a strong appeal and the concentration of population, the majority of high-quality enterprises, so the market demand for recruitment, rent is very strong, provides ample revenue space on the basis of 58 and go to the market. However, in the three or four line of the city, the population size is relatively small, foreign population is far less than a second tier city, at the same time, talent competition among enterprises is not so intense, which leads to the recruitment, rent two business liquidity shortage.

in addition, direct mode will set up branches in 58 city and Ganji, agent-based, whether direct or agency needs more manpower cost, however, in a second tier city in labor costs in exchange for substantial returns, the 58 city member gains a lot of money is direct. However, the three or four lines of insufficient space for the realization of the city, direct, agents are difficult to ensure that human resources can be replaced with appropriate revenue returns, and many of the three or four line cities, direct, agents are difficult to manage. In contrast, the three or four line of the city is more suitable for advertising model.

and O2O mobile Internet market broke out, a second tier classification information maturity tends to saturation, the three or four line of the city market potential to be tapped in the interaction of multiple factors, classification of information three giants began a different direction. change direction of the market from the beginning of the year, will focus on the real estate market, dig the recruitment, go to the market to work through the market launch, lazy to find room independent APP, trying to break the original recruitment, real estate industry market structure in the mobile Internet, and then complete the 58 city overtaking.

58 city received more than $7.36 in funding to complete the Tencent listed again, began to strengthen investment, to enhance the service life of the function, but shortly before the $20 million investment E-Drive, recently being heavily supporting a new O2O service brand "58 home", an official involved in the domestic, moving and other living services market.

people always adhere to the internet light mode, company development has only about 100 people, and most of the technology, even the other two companies are not a fraction of the number, more like a pure Internet Co, and no human cost pressures, obtained from the classification of information service in the advertising revenue can be completely self >