Slipped up step O2O and a gold rush on the road to sell water

O2O countless road rush prospectors and merchants missed the Internet age, absolutely not allowed to miss their own mobile Internet era, no one can avoid it shares power with the times coerced.

now, there are shops on the road. Tall on the BAT, a variety of vertical industry sites, are trying to do a variety of layout around O2O.

is a representative of the business around to develop, the establishment of mobile terminal display products, pages or APP. WeChat Twitter Life, micro wind chimes, easy to purchase products as well as many third party product providers around the WeChat terminal display, customer management, micro stores have developed a lot of products. This kind of product choice but most expensive, Twitter Life offer a merchant is 8000 yuan, if the chain store frequently need to invest hundreds of thousands.

is a variety of platform classes, Jingdong mall with convenience stores to achieve the linkage of goods O2O, public comment, buy the site is set up in the field of life services platform products. Businesses in these platforms to display their products, discounts and other content, but the line is not easy to improve the show, just from the platform needs to start the dimension.

gold rush a lot, but the level is not neat. Not all people have money to go shopping super large, there are a lot of people just want to find a cost-effective solution to the needs of the store.

this reminds Friends of the famous soap box:

Unilever introduced a soap packaging production line, and found that the production line has a flaw: often there will be no soap box. They couldn’t sell the empty boxes to the customers, and they had to ask an automated postdoctoral student to design a plan to sort out the empty soap box. Postdoctoral pulled up a dozen scientific research team, the integrated use of machinery, microelectronics, automation, X ray detection technology, spent hundreds of thousands, successfully solved the problem. When the line by free soap box, on both sides of the detector will detect and drive a mechanical hand to push away an empty soap box.

Chinese South Township enterprises bought the same production line, the boss found this problem was angry, find a coolie: you give Lao Tzu this fix, or roll. Coolie quickly came up with a solution: he put in the production line next to blow fan, empty soap box will naturally be blown away.

Friends recently have come into contact with such a company, like most of the problems that can be solved coolie.

company’s name is Q, step up slip, domain name is also very simple Make a major city like 58, Ganji, people network similar to a life service information classified sites, the provision of rental housing, recruitment, business yellow pages and other kinds of life service information, now covering 380 city nationwide, as well as small and micro enterprises to provide intelligent mobile phone terminal built WAP site, APP display and other Internet basic services, in addition to self media marketing, enterprise information, training and other types of products and marketing.