1 store settled electricity supplier serious food safety problems also refused to compensate

network of alleged violations of the sale of food to increase the number 1 store audit audit storm

electronic business platform sales of food, the platform bears the audit responsibility. Consumers Chen day prior to the Beijing News reporters reflect, as early as July 2014, in his shop No. 1 "Changbai Mountain landscape workshop flagship store to spend 4080 yuan to buy 1 boxes of landscape workshop Lutaigao landscape workshop and 1 bottles of Rhodiola honey, found that there are serious food safety problems". Court of first instance 1 shop lost, but he has not been compensated.

in March 10th this year, shop No. 1 reply Beijing News said on the operators to fulfill the obligations of the audit platform, should not bear the responsibility, has filed an appeal. Beijing News reporter found that this is not the first time the number 1 store into a net food storm.

Commercial Law Institute of Renmin University of China, vice president of the association Liu Junhai believes that similar shop No. 1 case is a typical case of the new "food safety law" on the third party trading platform food network platform liability, although there is no subjective fault, still need to take some responsibility.

problem two food violations add ingredients

according to the information provided by Mr. Chen, "blue Jing Fang Lutaigao declared on the package, the" water tire Jilin deer industry group natural pasture, sika deer and deer pregnancy fetal birth did not eat milk and deer, with ginseng, angelica, motherwort and other Chinese herbal medicines to be brewed and antlers ";" blue Jing Fang Rhodiola honey "ingredients showed that the main components of linden honey and Rhodiola extract.

The approval number

the Lutaigao for "Kyrgyzstan Yiwei food (2004), 04140012" product standard is "28 categories of 1701 preserved food". Beijing News reporter inquiries found in the State Food and drug administration official website, the "Ji Yiwei food" approval number does not exist, the implementation of standards as a common food preserves. According to the Ministry of health on 2012 "breeding deer as a byproduct of approved" issues related to common food, Lutai cannot be used as ordinary food, and antler glue was included in the national pharmacopoeia, "temporarily not as ordinary food". In addition, ginseng, Rhodiola, has been listed as a health food list, can be used as the common food raw materials. Chen believes that he purchased 1 stores in the two products are illegal to add ingredients, there are food safety risks. In September 2014 he will be reflected to the Jilin provincial food and drug administration, while the 1 store operators actually Niuhai Electronic Commerce (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to court, request a refund of the purchase price of 4080 yuan, and 10 times the compensation.

in November 12, 2015, Mr. Chen and Niuhai electronics company in Beijing Chaoyang District court court. New sea electronics company said, No. 1 shop to do business to settle the obligation of the audit, signed a service agreement with the business, and provides a business contact, should not assume responsibility.

truth Jilin food and drug administration to investigate the real manufacturers did not produce

Beijing News reporter learned that Jilin food and Drug Administration in 2014 1>