Tencent to give up 200 acres of electricity supplier base on the capital to create another rookie


and rookie to get around, "Penguin" of heavy asset management does not seem too much interest in Shanghai, it even gave up 200 acres of land. Perhaps Tencent believes that the capital can create their own rookie".

land means a lot in china. In recent years, in the traditional land market, the gradual emergence of Internet companies figure. What is always let asset light Internet companies began to expand the estate? Logistics base, cloud computing, electronic commerce is playing the Internet economy, or the real estate economy period? "IT times", we focus on Ali’s rookie network in the "enclosure" of the real estate in this period, we come to the Kingdom look at the penguin Empire Tencent.

got the tickets of the Tencent in WeChat, a series of moves this year, seems to be sending a signal: "Penguin" will enter the real estate. These actions include: Locke shares, real estate information service platform of listed shares of integrated logistics base in Southern China City, since the purchase of land in Qianhai Development Zone, etc.. According to the reporter survey, as early as before, Tencent has begun quietly in the land market layout. Just to get around the rookie and different, Penguin for heavy asset operation does not seem too much interest in Shanghai, it even gave up 200 acres of land. Perhaps Tencent believes that the capital can create their own rookie".

cloud computing expansion or will stop

Shanghai’s southwest corner, Qingpu Industrial Park in new buildings and space scattered intertwined. At the junction of North Green Road and Cao Ying Lu, Tencent cloud computing center "submerged" in the rows of the workshop, 56.2 square kilometers in Qingpu Industrial Park, four buildings have no obvious Tencent and Penguin inconspicuous.

August 3, 2011, Tencent and the Shanghai municipal government announced that the two sides signed an investment cooperation framework agreement on the establishment of the Tencent Qingpu Hua Dongyun computing center and e-commerce base in Shanghai industrial park. After a lapse of 3 years, compared with the high-profile signing, the construction of the base is very low-key.

in Qingpu Industrial Park Management Committee Office staff under the guidance, the reporter found covers an area of 100 acres of Tencent in East China Cloud Computing Center, field workers much, a few rows of buildings have been built, if not through the nearby park security and construction workers confirmed that few people know there is a Tencent of Cloud Computing Center any "Tencent", and the eye-catching logo does not appear on the site of the whole.

the entire cloud computing center area is not large, four buildings similar to the shape of the building with a grid of four positions each corner. July 25th around 3 in the afternoon, the entire site construction workers less than 10 people, the external construction has entered the finishing work. Interior decoration works are still in progress, from the internal structure of the four buildings look, exhaust, wiring, uniform format, should be used to place cloud computing server equipment required. According to the construction staff revealed that the future of the computer room somewhere in Jiangsu will move here.

official letter from the Qingpu diplomatic relations committee