Ma Yun responded by selling questioned 90% fake true net goods seller credit April 28 Hangzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Yao, Zhang Daosheng) " never condone selling, instead of online shopping can be preserved as long as the whole process of the transaction, and selling to find out where the root, so that the integrity of immediate value. Online shopping may be the best way to fight against fakes." On the afternoon of 27, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in Hangzhou for the recent question about Taobao selling respond, and the first public details of fraud protection in recent years.

Ma Yun said, fake does not bring more profits, but it hit the two big vital Taobao model. Buyers because of the loss of fakes, the seller’s shop because of the loss of credibility can not go down, these two consequences will be the fate of Taobao."

according to reports, in Taobao, consumers can 24 hours at any time through the network to report rights and query complaints progress. 2009, Taobao will be the burden of proof upside down the introduction of the general consumer areas, the introduction of buyers complaints, sellers proof system, reducing the difficulty of consumer groups rights. From 2010 onwards, Taobao has invested 300 million yuan consumer protection fund, consumer disputes in Taobao shopping, failed to reach an effective consultation with the seller, the first pad by Taobao.

according to data released by Taobao, in 2010 the number of members of Taobao reached 370 million, the number of visits per day more than 60 million. 2010 full year, Taobao accepted and processed 2 million 160 thousand consumer rights complaints, accounting for Taobao’s total annual transaction number of 6/10000.

Taobao complaint volume is far below the market complaints. The production and sale of counterfeit goods and not because of online shopping to exist, it is the business model of the line would have a "tumor". As long as you can track, the cost of crime is high, fake problems can be solved. The transparency of e-commerce so that fakes can be seen more clearly." Ma Yun said.

according to reports, in 2010 the total number of employees of Taobao is 4100, of which there are 2000 full-time responsible adults. Taobao in 2010 to deal with infringing products throughout the year more than 14 million, more than 590 thousand people punished sellers.

"this is probably the Chinese internal rights groups and even the whole world’s largest companies, which can be seen in a Taobao to pay the cost of rights crackdown." Ma Yun said.

talked about the difficulties encountered in e-commerce platform rights, Ma said, Taobao can trace the origin of the sale of fake, but there is no law enforcement powers. "Fake online shopping in the face like pock, I hope the relevant departments to strengthen law enforcement efforts, we found that the pock pock dug out, otherwise it will be more and more trouble."