Amazon into China for ten years foreign companies need to put down the high cold attitude for domest

Amazon China’s new president Ge Daoyuan



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ten years ago, it is a book to sell gradually into people’s sight, and the rapid expansion of the core business of Internet e-commerce. From the longest river to the shortest domain name, now, the electricity supplier ten years trend of the domestic achievements of this "bookstore", but also ushered in a lot of thinking, what more discussion is not "still scenery" or "wushirenfei".

holds a long-term strategic layout of the Chinese market


August 19th was held in Shanghai to enter the 10 year celebration China, Amazon global senior vice president Diego Piacentini said, Chinese has a double meaning of the Amazon, not only to do their thinking to introduce Internet e-commerce abroad. We must continue to push China’s creative world. Amazon China President Ge Daoyuan believes that Amazon’s mission in the next ten years is to help Chinese customers get the best products, China’s R & D to the global." The two statement confirms the enterprise level agree without prior without previous consultation, the strategy, the electricity supplier technology from abroad, domestic users need basis. But how can we continue to play the advantages of logistics, do a single category is perhaps the most concerned about the user’s point of view.

foreign "monk" first down to earth

Ge Daoyuan, the newly appointed president of Amazon China, fully responsible for Amazon’s online retail business in china. As a senior manager, Ge Daoyuan said it would lead the local management team, to build China into a whole category of Amazon online shopping platform. But as early as 4 years ago, a large business super has begun to be a variety of threats to the entire category of electricity supplier. Jingdong, Amazon, Dangdang and other China as if overnight market have smelled fishy smell, have begun to do "they are not good thing, playing the whole category of signs, then Suning and Gome electricity supplier 3C class to join, a result of fighting, bustling. As the online shopping crowd user perspective, people also seem to see that these are the vertical electricity supplier are gone, one after another into the online WAL-MART".

Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing had previously believed that the market structure from the past three years can be seen, although the platform electricity supplier in many categories of business is very good, but there is still a vertical electricity supplier to enter the market share. Therefore, the electricity supplier should not simply pursue the scale, if the difference between the development, not to leave so many opportunities for vertical electricity supplier. Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong also said that the future of Jingdong to have tens of millions of goods. In this environment, one of the power providers have restless".

parity parity behind the system is also useful?

from the selection to the price to the convenience, the Amazon official explained in the ten anniversary celebration, to do the most abundant products; the most competitive prices; the most efficient service. Ge Daoyuan believes that Amazon provides a new parity system, the whole network parity every day, the official said, which is equivalent to 50000 virtual parity.

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