How to realize the online retail crash in the 2012 holiday shopping season

in October, 2012 of the holiday shopping season is nearing completion, in most of the holiday shopping season, many commercial manufacturers will seize this rare opportunity to ensure their shopping traffic, business turnover reached its peak in a year, surpassing the previous sales record, fortunately, I received positive results, take a time will this list list to share with you.

list list

retail pre

1 first hire excellent online marketing staff

2 spot selling is not selling products and categories

3 put your best-selling products and categories in this holiday shopping main position

4 to develop a holiday sales calendar, according to the plan for product sales

design and architecture

1, create a holiday specific navigation

2, there is a login page gift

3, vacation in advance to create graphics

4, create holiday special meta tag

5, a comprehensive shopping cart and checkout optimization

6, optimize server performance and page loading time

7, locate your store to specific country

8, authentication evaluation, security and trust badge

optimization period

1, do panda and Penguin audit

2, reduce duplication of content

Conversion Optimization

1, get feedback from your visitors and customers

2, the optimization of learning competitors

3, hire remote testers to do usability testing

4, click click and scroll behavior visitors

5, to provide warranty and test customer acceptance of product maintenance awareness

email marketing

1, build your subscriber list more active

2, clean your user list

3, create your holiday shopping communication plan for


social media

1, use anything you can use to automate social media

2, open the chart to make your store share friendly

coupon promotions

lets your coupon promotions appear in a suitable place

shopping channel

1, streamline customer shopping channels and steps