Share open vip com analysis its development problems

in the vigorous development of the electricity supplier’s vertical electricity supplier as a kind of special form in this society, and this model is indeed achieved certain results, one of the more successful template is Some friends said that only the success of the product has a pilot effect to some extent, which will allow the existence of a group of related B2C business advantage. This statement is not wrong, but can not be too optimistic. Even’s share price is now good, good prospects, but from the long-term point of view, the situation is not very stable, it can be said that is behind the bustling potential problems of some development, but the current situation is too good to cover up the problem. So we can see out the fact that the nature of what

?The main factors of the development of

electric potential problem is the quality problems of products, especially in recent years can be said to be getting worse, because the vertical electric business mode, manufacturers are more inclined to a wide range of large number of destroyed inventory, but it happens is the consumption of vertical electric business model inventory is limited, and this time supply manufacturers will likely excess inventory pressure to the electricity supplier website, this will make the quality problem has become a serious hazard, the electricity supplier is also the problem plagued, this potential problem rooted in this sales model, so as to bring a lot of trouble, if you want to avoid this potential the outbreak of the problem, we need to provide more outlets for the vertical electric business model now, such as looking for a broader market.

of course, after analyzing the main factors, the following is from some objective factors, nowadays the development of the electricity supplier Chinese is not perfect, so it also makes this model of’s sales of the influence is very limited, and the cosmetic supplies age span is very wide, mainly for the school-age population is mainly young people, then the rest of the market will become blank, so this is the objective factors which caused the problem of development of, followed by for itself, because the enterprise establishment is not long, in some infrastructure and product delivery link, will inevitably make some mistakes, but the enterprise itself needs time to develop, so will naturally encounter problems in this period of time, finally, the author thinks that the development of logistics and hinder the electricity supplier on the one hand, though However, China logistics speed is acceptable, but in the rural area of the county and other places of deployment is still relatively slow, it also hindered the development of a big problem for

so, from the above point of view, now wants to break the problem, we must improve the business development, to establish a more strict screening mechanism, improve the quality, in order to create more value for the enterprise, especially in recent years, daily chemical products emerge in an endless stream problem even more to pay attention to, but the nerve of the public may challenge secondly, in the marketing development of enterprises, may have to increase investment, the first need for further construction of enterprise website, improve the server response speed and visual cross site interactive content, which is very important for the user experience, the second point is.