How to grasp the future of wine E commerce

with Chinese e-commerce has begun to scale, intelligence and the direction of industrialization, more and more traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic business, at the beginning of 2009, the world’s leading e-commerce giant Amazon announced officially enter Wine e-commerce channels, Wine global retailers, the channels are shocked, because in the electronic business tycoon, has the potential to revolutionize the global Wine industry rules of the game


at the beginning of 2010, while the global Wine fans highly anticipated, the unexpected is that Amazon announced a comprehensive exit the field of Wine e-commerce sales, even more puzzling is the Amazon did not disclose the specific reasons from the Wine sales.


e-commerce sites such as the wine industry is rapidly involved in the bamboo shoots after a spring rain channel marketing on the Internet, almost all the liquor companies have set up their own e-commerce platform, directly involved in the Internet marketing channels, wine companies such as Zhang Yu, the Great Wall, etc., various industries such as liquor vertical franchise Yesmywine, brewmaster network the wine network, more Hongkong top ten wine importers Wine International Limited exchange also began to rely on e-commerce to explore the mainland market, and began to emerge, but with the sago net, large warehouse, goods and other e-commerce sites has closed, it also indicates the traditional e-commerce enterprises is still not mature

?Business volume of the rapid expansion of the current

e-commerce logistics has to bear, the logistics companies often appear "critical", cause the goods can not be timely sent, as wine because of the logistics requirements more stringent, so the logistics has become the bottleneck of electronic commerce and wine; wine storage storage requirements are high. At home easily. Once the red wine deterioration, its value will disappear. However, if the red wine to the professional organization collection, to be extracted 3% yield. This series of costs will lead to difficult to profit enterprise


if you want to grow e-commerce, there must be a logistics center, because of the development of electronic commerce not only includes e-commerce itself, including the overall service industries such as logistics industry, which will be an inevitable trend of the electricity supplier

!There are great differences in e-commerce operations

wine industry and e-commerce operations in general, belongs to the industry characteristics, while engaged in the wine industry of electronic commerce and it is necessary to store the line combination, effective integration of online and offline resources, business brand, brand business, store the line can provide a better experience and for customer service, and electronic commerce can expand brand awareness on the network, increase the sales amount of


outlook 2012 wine e-commerce development:

electronic commerce at present price war also grew in courage, from a low of 30% and low 40% brewmaster network, the wine price cut down 30% to 50% within the next period of time, however, this does not promote the liquor.