4 strokes teach you how to shop in Ali and Baidu’s competition is not affected


, Baidu and Ali did not quarrel, some of the traffic from search engines will not be lost, who thought Ali and Baidu this enemy, but pinch up, suffer the course or the seller. Some high quality, high conversion rate of flow, so to Baidu’s own son, ah, so today we talk about how to make up for the loss of search engine traffic.


1 by Ali mother cat promotion.

first I have to admire Ali, this brilliant action, I won’t let you eat my Baidu, I let the webmaster to eat me, you go to eat them. Ali do not give Baidu fan a loud and beautiful face, included will increase his wife Ali’s mother, also increased the sales of Taobao sellers, also led a large number of individual owners. First talk about why Amoy can compensate for the loss of traffic search engine. As a personal webmaster to sellers of goods on their own website or blog, Baidu will crawl the page, although not a commodity page, but this page is introduced on the surface of the goods, Baidu did not grab the merchandise page, but all search engine traffic or return to the product page. This is why Ali mother encouraged by reason of personal website and blog promotion of the guest. So don’t underestimate the power of Amoy, Amoy not only commodity intermediary, he also plays the intermediary role of search engine.

method 2: Baidu know, stick and other Baidu products.

is that most people know, but once the application effect is very good. Baidu is not the most painful of your own children, then I will give you food for children, you do not want to eat when you can not. I usually use search people know that Baidu for their products the most valued, often similar to "what is the meaning of" XXX XXX ". Why use" XXX "where" ranked first is Baidu or Baidu Baidu know Post Bar, selfishness is a name in the industry, so I have to use Baidu. Good use. If I were above Taobao selling women’s, with an account on the other IP (you can use computer or computer internet friends, as long as the answer is not the same as the IP line) in Baidu know that "I have asked the dress button, how to do," answered after the release there, usually the next day in another account reply and content of their own play such as "where did you buy clothes quality so bad, the last time I was in Taobao buy a good" should be noted here, do not add a link in the comments in the content store, in reference with their own shop links. Then in a day with the questions of the account in the previous IP accept your answer on the line, the next day the general problem will be Baidu included, if lucky, you can search to your questions when Baidu then enter "button to do" this kind of words, which indirectly produced search engine traffic. Baidu Post Bar is similar to this, can first post and wait for someone to return (of course, also can learn "Jia Junpeng" registered their vest top) and add their own store address, should pay attention to the.