gnore the supporting role of the United States and the electricity supplier of low roar

Qingming Eve

, senior vice president of Gome group, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian issued a "business" eulogy of a text, and then let people remember the existence of gome. In the fierce market competition in the electricity supplier, Gome seems to have been forgotten, Gome’s presence has lagged behind its rival Suning Electric Jingdong and the beast. Today, the United States and the United States, such as the decline of the aristocracy, would like to have a new year’s style, but not enough, the rest is only the pride of the aristocracy. Once the protagonist into the supporting role, if there is no effective measures to turn the tide, is likely to become the actor.

Gome called for electricity providers to give up the competition to survive


Mou Guixian’s "eulogy" "people" business can be seen in innuendo Jingdong, and lead the industry to reflect the price war, the price war of the retail industry in terms of more harm than good, consumers may have to pay a higher price for temporary benefits in the future, the price war may make more retail enterprises disappear finally, only two oligopoly enterprises, then "consumer is God" words would not exist.

from the current situation, "" in addition to get some business eulogy and did not give the United States public solidarity, to bring other practical benefits. Jingdong to Gome’s position and unmoved, a topic of marketing effect is limited, not let Gome anniversary has become a hot topic, but is to let people feel that the United States has to withstand the impact of the price war.

Gome sales last year, although the United States achieved an increase of 119.1% to $4 billion 410 million, but the loss rate of up to 15% ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ to the loss of listed companies to nearly $5 hundred million. Suning electricity supplier sales revenue reached 16 billion 716 million yuan last year, an increase of 157.9%, the amount of the loss of more than 160 million. Suning Gome with losses of 1/3 achieved sales of 3.8 times the performance of the United States, this is a huge blow to the United States, is also an effective means of warning, the price war is not the United States for the electricity supplier market. Last year, different comparison sites showed Gome price of some products is lower than its competitors, from this perspective, the United States last year actually in the electricity market has invested huge amounts of money, but the effect of input output ratio is far less than the competitors.

the lessons of last year, the United States should be aware that the electricity market competition is not the simple price competition so simple, also includes many factors of user experience, logistics and distribution, category richness, marketing promotion, the price war between electric business have access threshold, and now in the United States has not yet crossed this threshold, even if the deficit this year 1 billion it may not be able to catch up with competitors through price war.

if the United States this year to abandon the price war may be a wise choice, if you can change the size of losses through the price war, the United States needs to have attempted bloodletting of courage, but now the situation is even if you did flow may not be able to return the market scale and the Jingdong, Suning in the. The price war is meaningless for the United States, but it will drag the country