The explosion of Dalian Beer Festival burning ecological taste by the tongue director Chen Xiaoqing

July 29th news, with the Oriental Munich, said the Dalian International Beer Festival has been in full swing for eighth days. During the scene from the world famous beer brands in the big beer tent, colorful colorful appetizing delicacy and hot passion interaction, put Dalian into the wine, the sea Carnival delicacy.

and this year during the Dalian beer festival the most eye-catching beer big tent, is a gust of fresh "network network Grote beer big tent ecological wind"! For the first time in the Dalian International Beer Festival was not only to build up a super big beer tent is more than 2 thousand square meters, more sense of the music as VR in "the" celebrities the frequent surprise appearance and 60 Inch super TV and other ecological awards give! "Grote beer big tent" wonderful non-stop explosion point, the scene bursting with popularity, thermal



network network Grote beer big tent before the gathered high popularity of

it is understood that, recently, on the tip of the tongue "China" director Chen Xiaoqing surprise appearance Grote beer big tent, at home and abroad and the buddy who drink, staged a passion interactive constantly exciting! Director Chen Xiaoqing teamed up with more network network CEO Li Rui, music executives Han power show of acting, the scene staged a different kind of tongue the large, four seat shock grote. And that night pulled out a 60 inches as the super TV ecological awards, but also attracted the audience bursts of cheers, once again the bustling Dalian Beer Festival pushed to a climax!


network network CEO Li Rui (left), director Chen Xiaoqing (right) drink beer Grote (Gloryt)

as one of the most influential domestic beer industry event, Dalian International Beer attracted a lot of media attention. Network network CEO Li Rui also invited yesterday with Dalian "the first station" Dalian news radio, at noon: "off the record" sound studio, all parts of the country with outstanding record passenger and consumers share the ecological network of wine business. During the period, Li Rui elaborated the ecological operation mode, ecological network network Anglo principal numerous star products behind, and real feeling as Wine ecological leader in the industry and for several years.


Li Rui at Dalian News Radio: "off the record" sound at

Li Rui said: "as the slogan of" music in the future to define the future, "network network hope forward-looking ecological layout, to domestic consumers really bring the best products and subversive wine experience. We are committed to become the world’s high-quality brands, all these years I went through all the major producing areas of new and old world, achieve a stable cooperation with the world’s top suppliers, build a strong system of ecological supply chain, first ensure the quality of each product. And then based on the music as the ecological giant >