QQ group ranking brush activity optimization how to do is conducive to ranking the latest rules

The importance of

on the activity of the QQ group, I believe, also should understand that the activity is not only related to the QQ group in the search default ranking results, but also directly affect the activity of the rankings, so we do QQ group ranking, certainly hope that their own QQ group activity is good, in addition to this activity is elements of a dynamic change, in short the QQ group active high grade group, the weight will be high, but the activity is not possible? How to brush brush? How many reasonable? This has become a technical problem to do QQ group ranking, therefore I have years of meters QQ group ranking experience to share about how much activity brush, how to do can help ranking, is also the most current reflects the new rules.

a, QQ group official definition of the concept of active class

At present, the

index is divided into 5 levels, each level requires a different number of speakers to light, this is easy to understand, you can refer to the following tips: [1] LV1 complete group data, upload custom tag group head, not less than 1, of not less than 30 in the number of not less than 3 word group photo a file, not less than 2, and allows visitors to view the data in the card. [2] LV2 group number > 50, the number of speakers of more than 20 [3] LV3 group number > 100, the number of speakers of more than 40 [4] LV4 group number > 200, the number of speakers of more than 80 [5] LV5 group number > 400, the number of speakers of more than 120.

only LV1 grade light, other grades of the icon to light, LV1 level is capable of real-time lighting, that is to say the data filled up to the light, but the time during the operation, there will be delays, the Tencent may have to wait for the server update, short hours, long a day are possible.

two, the official definition of the active level and default ranking relationship

talk so much, is this grade is high may rank? I can only say that is not entirely correct, because there is a default Ranking Ranking, a ranking is based on the activity ranking.


(Figure 1)


(Figure two)

can be seen from the chart according to the national default ranking of these groups and figure two ranking according to the activity of these groups, the search results are not the same. Activity ranking may be less than the number of your group, but there is also a high degree of activity, while the country’s default ranking is even if the activity is very low as well as a good ranking.


(Figure three)

figure three can be fully confirmed meters, according to the third party software search Baidu know the word, and then the group number of the top three >