Free strategies in the nternet

the world is the easiest thing and the hardest thing to do is what you know?. The easiest thing to do is to put the money in your pocket in someone else’s pocket. The hardest thing to do is to put someone else’s money in your pocket. It’s easy for you not to tell your dad to give you money… , when you enter the community to work, or that this life is for one thing, is to put the money into your pocket, do you think it is simple?

there is a cheap called free, there are cheap who do not want it, you say it. Do not have to pay for others to enjoy the service or material, the good thing in the sky who do not want to accept the pie. Indeed, when people in front of free completely lost the ability to defend. Do not believe, the following to you say.

360, the word is no stranger. 360 security guards is free of the initiator of evil. 360 head Zhou Hongyi year with "3721" network real name "rogue software" father of the title, the result was extremely popular, YAHOO Sassafras ass. Now the most widely used 360 security guards and 360 anti-virus by decades of calm antivirus market. Zhou Hongyi also relies on a variety of 360 desktop portal client challenges one after another Internet giant. QQ, Baidu, Jinshan, Sohu and so on are subject to harassment and challenges, of which 3Q station has become a legend in the Internet China. Now 360 and by the concept of free mobile phone card to exit special machines, "the 0 profit" and the intelligent mobile phone market muddy. When children such as Sun Zhongmou, when a wife like Yin Lihua, that when doing business such as Zhou Hongyi, admire. See, what is free. Qihoo 360 with free in the U.S. market, income doubled, you can not call? 360 a few, scolding aside but they made out of the performance of a few people can do.

journey, a lot of people have been playing free online games, is the masterpiece of big brother Shi Yuzhu. Shi Yuzhu was doing business after the fall, extremely depressed, stay at home every day to play Chen Mir, or relieve hard sell naobaijin. In the game, Shi Yuzhu deeply felt a decision not to engage in, a "dragon" is the symbol of the leader. In the game of life is very fragile, the money earned is not good, but rich people do not care to spend real yuan, which makes the old history greatly lamented, this time this guy did not buy less cards. Suddenly shut the game to develop their own games, to make the game free, let all people to play, to make the most of game player with a few rich game player play, let the rich play is the key. The idea of making money for the rich. After the result also proves Shi Yuzhu’s idea, the journey became HKNPL machine network game industry. The journey of Shi Yuzhu once again become the influential man Chinese. Played the journey friends all know, the journey is indeed free, not as long as the Internet can play cards. But the game difficulty will allow you to continue the aguirre. Daguai can not afford to lose money, do not wear equipment with color, high prices and other reasons, in the game all rely on the game to support the currency, just by the equipment exchange