Research on the value of one stop network marketing platform

1, one-stop service will be an important trend in the development of network marketing

Chinese Internet after ten years of development and precipitation, the main business model of the network marketing industry has entered a stage of rapid development. At the same time, the current single service means as the characteristics of the "network marketing 1" service model has begun to become more and more obvious to the bottleneck of their own development.

at present, the marketing effect oriented "network marketing 2" thought has become a system, based on the establishment of a one-stop network marketing platform has begun to be widely used. This is based on the marketing effect, the integration of a variety of marketing tools, the emerging service model will become the mainstream of future network marketing. The "one-stop service", which has obvious comparative advantage and potential value, is one of the most important ways to realize the network marketing 2.

2, what is a one-stop online marketing platform

"one-stop network marketing platform" is a comprehensive solution "(total solution) to provide a platform, it can effectively integrate various network marketing service means, to help customers achieve the" one-step "access to solve the network marketing problems three core elements: the transformation of construction, marketing the website of precision marketing to obtain commercial traffic, traffic to the business.

to develop network marketing companies, "one-stop" network marketing platform "can significantly reduce the purchasing cost and operation cost, greatly enhance the marketing effect, show a relatively good return on investment (ROI), which won the customer perceived value and value recognition.

for the network marketing service providers, this platform will help them get their products and demand and customer service with good opportunity, in order to effectively expand market share and win a good reputation and customer loyalty.

3, "one-stop service" to the value of the network marketing customer

3.1 reduces the cost of building a network marketing platform based on

in the traditional service mode, an enterprise should build a whole complete network marketing platform system, what need to purchase what services, how to pay the cost? Here made a conservative estimate:



table is only lists some common essential elements, in fact, a lot of enterprise customers need (e.g. for the end consumer service enterprises, production enterprises / stores opened on the outskirts of the City Industrial Park, etc.) often need to obtain the electronic map service, and with a set of annotation and the function of electronic map navigation services often single point price in more than 1200 yuan every year. In order to better show business services, give customers more intuitive understanding of the needs of enterprise video service, more and more enterprises, which is more expensive, count the production cost and video channel occupancy costs, the need to spend 1500 yuan ~2000 yuan at least once a year. >