Rookie forum to do want to have popularity please start from the details

The first

statement I person is also a rookie webmaster, two years ago, very love website, this year the job is busy, I haven’t done, but I still see the web every day, here is my forum should pay attention to some details of the views of the novice, which would like to write what, oh ~

first registration from the start, beginning not what popular forum, registered all simple line, like what sex, address, verification code, there are some problems, province to province, after all, many of the new people can be from search over, probably to see an article, or download something to leave, the first impression is very important, said this about the verification code, now a lot of forum registration have a verification code, this is nothing to say, but I have seen the most abnormal one, I once went to a not what popular forum download things, see when registered I really halo verification code, that does not stop in the verification code, lost several times is wrong, MD, Lao Tzu not have not yet, you say he can do this popular forum.

then visitors browse articles and download permissions settings, I think at the beginning to set the best visitors can browse and download permissions, you must have confidence on their own station, people stand good nature can do to stay. More than two registered amount and can not keep people what use.

if no special requirement, try not to get too fancy a template, is the impact of speed, two is too fancy template does not necessarily everyone love, you say it, you see that big forum is a few garish, uniform are simple and comfortable style. Some forums also like to add a player, and now the Internet has several players on the computer.. Listen to the songs you put..

want to eat today, thought so much, anyway, one on the line, not to say, twenty-first Century is selling service, I feel especially do BBS, beginning to set the threshold must be low, make people feel very comfortable to you this station, followed by the good content, so that people don’t want to your station is difficult to favorites.

(I really want soft ah, hey, but now no website, my QQ stay, 84518451, welcomed the exchange)