Performance evaluation of e commerce network broker

makeup network when the promotion of e-commerce, how to judge the efficiency of promotion has been a lot of fuzzy concept. What is expected and how to judge efficiency?

professional promotion agencies (including advertising agencies and network platform) often Fudge: brand shaping". The electronic commerce department or the main staff within the enterprise is also often used to explain the very vague report.

when the network promotion model for e-commerce, all in fact is transparent, you can use data to describe!

first of all, we determine the premise of the evaluation:

1, we define the network broker who is mentioned in this article:

· internal e-commerce responsibility departments or individuals (often referred to as online customer service).

· professional e-commerce promotion agencies: online advertising companies, network platform, etc..

2, we can put aside the concept of brand shaping such virtualization, the results will be defined as sales orders.

3, we have to distinguish the product attributes of network sales: direct and indirect transactions:

· direct transaction refers to the direct electronic transactions through online payment, generally 3C products, clothing, and other delivery standards clear and no customized services e-commerce transactions.

· indirect transactions of the product object is unable to achieve online payment transactions products or services, such as housing, cars, home improvement, building materials, food and beverage, etc..

model is different, slightly different indicators.

according to the above premise, e-commerce performance evaluation indicators are as follows:

1, the amount of advice: the number of effective consultation with each promotional activities, with a number. Promotional activities include: advertising input, activity costs, staff salaries, etc.. The larger the value is, the better.

2, the amount of each Advisory Investment: the ratio of each promotion investment and consulting, the cost of each consultation. This indicator is used to evaluate the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of promotional activities. The smaller the value, the better.

3, the rate of attendance: indirect transaction business consulting, on-site conversion ratio. That is, the ratio of the number of attendance and the number of consulting, which is critical in the indirect transaction, is the core data to evaluate the ability of network brokers.

4, single rate: the ratio of the number of indirect transactions and the number of the arrival of the scene; the number of direct business transactions and the ratio of consulting. The former depends on the company’s products, services, brands and professional skills. The latter is the core evaluation of the direct selling mode of network broker’s selling ability.

evaluation method:

· direct transactions: by consulting volume, per consultation input, single rate evaluation >