Free Baidu low level marketing challenges Baidu pay Click

The name "

" Baidu marketing "sounds very atmospheric, give people a feeling of this phenomenon too profound to be understood, in fact, is one of the most common everyday phenomenon, but some people give it the packaging a gorgeous appearance, in fact, this technology is the industry of a more familiar but for the novice very strange words" brush relevance ", or is related to the search term appears at the bottom of the us when using Baidu search. For example:

, for example, I search in Baidu: diet pills, the following screenshot of the two phenomena you may be familiar with, but you can effectively use this phenomenon?



open Baidu search weight-loss drugs at the bottom of the relevant search, which is the legendary underlying marketing.

see, the way of marketing, whether it is marketing or marketing is related or not, these tips can be a good guide for our customers into our website, and increase your exposure, is a good way of marketing.

Baidu bottom marketing summary can have the following advantages

1 enables potential customers to find your

2 unlimited clicks do not produce any cost

3 can customize the keyword

4 has a feeling of being recommended by a third party

below to talk about the underlying marketing and related marketing tips generation principle:

when the user in Baidu in some Baidu keyword search, will be recorded when the same keyword search more, it will be recorded in the correlation, when the user enters the word search box will automatically prompt, this is actually a way for Baidu user friendly experience.

in general, the relationship marketing, we can also use our own website name or other information which is displayed in the drop-down list box or the bottom is related to search, as long as the search reaches a certain amount, Baidu will automatically generate.

finally talk about how to make my custom key words appear a certain amount of search, I believe that many webmaster do stand in the early is used this method, is brush flow. For example, our company is doing the hotel stove energy saving device so I custom such a few keywords nobusawa Hotel energy-saving stove stove energy saving device selector selector nobusawa such nobusawa agent.. You can according to their own products packaging


keyword is selected, open Notepad write to write several pages inside the framework code for each frame? Wd= custom keywords you how many key words will add a few frames, so we can have multiple keywords in our search once using a ip. Which contains multiple frames