90% of start ups are going to fail the remaining 10% of the 3 methods

Abstract: you can list a function, can also be released off the reel a preferential benefits, but if no one can hold up the backbone of the product, people will miss the amazing moment you let them realize that the value of the product.


has a lot to say about the lone wolf is separated from the population, but the implementation of entrepreneurship, and most people to distinguish themselves is what you should do. Fierce competition in the entrepreneurial market, 90% of the start-up companies will eventually fail.

it’s not a happy statistic, I know.

probably is a member of your company seems to provide the same service startup of the wolves. It’s frustrating to realize that when you know that you’re offering an important product. You know that your product is different from the others, because you spend months or even years of effort on it, but customers don’t have that time. They have just come into contact with you, so unfortunately, you are really risking the risk that they look similar to what they already know or use.

take Customer.io and MailChimp these two companies as an example. At a glance, the two companies are specialized e-mail. Just look at their function, price, customer evaluation, and even concessions, new customers will undoubtedly pick a random use. But further investigation, you will begin to see their differences. You will begin to understand their core values, and suddenly you will see them in a new light.

, for example, you will find that Customer.io is more famous for sending email to customers who are already using your app. Their main concern is to help you better communicate with your customers – a customized way to customize the behavior of the customer in the application. On the other hand, MailChimp is focused on email marketing and makes it easier to send corporate communications to anyone in the mailing list. It is the core value of the two companies to distinguish them, once you see their core values, the difference between these two products can not be further.

is based on their core values, one is more concerned about growth, the other is focused on maintaining. You can make wise choices based on your company’s strategy.

Wistia is from the video hosting website come out of

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study found that 1 million 800 thousand words and a 1 minute video had the same effect on people. This is equivalent to 150 days of writing can be packaged into a small video. Therefore, over the past 10 years, a variety of video hosting companies into the field of entrepreneurship is no coincidence.

Wistia is more experienced than any other company in the fierce competition