What is worth buying for Cre capital investment of 100 million yuan for the first time in 5 years of


technology news January 11th morning news, consumer portal website "what is worth buying (SMZDM.COM) announced the completion of one hundred million yuan of financing, the investor is cre capital. What is worth buying, said it was established for the first time in 5 years of financing, the funds will be used to enhance user feedback and content incentives to build consumer content platform.

What is worth buying

CEO that Xin

What is worth buying

CEO that Xin said: "the financing is not used for advertising or self business, in other words, we are still a company not to burn. In the future, what is worth buying will focus on the construction of China’s consumer content original platform to innovative content incentive mechanism, feedback user content creation. At the same time, we will continue to maintain a neutral consumer information recommendation to help users at all levels, enjoy the best life within the scope of their power."

CRE Capital Partners Wu Haiyan said: "the CRE capital has been concerned about the new consumption in the field of venture investment opportunities. What is worth buying to adhere to an objective and neutral position, covering the entire category of young middle class consumer decision making. China’s middle class consumer demand for upgrading, will produce a small market to a few trillion. Consumer demand for personalized and diversified, the service requirements of the continuous upgrading, category rich and buy target station decentralization, let the consumer decision-making "the incident worth. "What is worth buying" originated in the community of users, conform to the needs of users, the past five years by the user to promote the rapid growth, "Zhang aunt" always love by the user, will continue to serve the user, become the majority of young middle users’ consumption quality first "."

what is worth buying (SMZDM.COM) was founded in June 30, 2010, is a consumer information Internet Co.

CRE capital was founded in 2006, the early investment focus on new finance, new consumption, new industrial areas. Its products include equity investment, high growth corporate bonds and a full range of value-added services after the vote. (Li Gen)