Personal blog money boom

as of September 5th, has more than 100 thousand registered users of the blog network blog gold line, want to share TCL, such as the first batch of outstanding enterprises to invest in the promotion of 30 million. Among them, the highest income users have more than 200 yuan revenue account. Blog network CTO Lu Liang said: with the other advertisers continue to invest, users can also share a substantial increase in promotional fees, welcome more users and we share these benefits."

blog gold line officially released only 10 Yu Tian, the number of registered on the breakthrough of 100 thousand, and the number of registered users is still rising rapidly." Blog network CTO Lu Liang revealed in a slightly joyful tone. August 23rd, the official release of the blog network blog and blog new system BSP3.1. Blog goldsmith is a set of personal blog that all have the opportunity to share business income, only the first to share business promotion expenses, as high as 30 million, TCL group, and other famous enterprises as "early adopters". The new and optimized function of blog network, blog search, blog, blog group chat room number BSP3.1, user-friendly feature rich to make first use of blog users can smoothly blog and make friends.

new "personal blog can make money" concept, and the new BSP3.1 blog system capable of carrying tens of millions of users caused by the fast and convenient, to stimulate a lot of friends blog interest and activity. After the blog gold line, the average daily number of registered users of the blog network increased by more than 20% over the previous day to update the content of the blog has also been significantly improved. A man named "prawn". In his blog page message: "today I found in the blog here opened the gold line, think should be able to earn a living through the Internet is right, so I did not hesitate to enter the website of a registration, I feel good!" a network called "Cola Ice fast" blog is to write the novel. Reporters in the past few days of the Internet, but also inadvertently found some blog in the forum, BBS to promote their own blog page.

more users is the desire to become a reality. A nickname "Hades". In second days of gold for registered blog, write a diary in honor of his blog make money experience. The article said: "haha, happy happy!!! My blog for a day to earn my MONEY!!!" according to the reporter, "Hades" such like money users have a person, the most, in a period of 10 days, will earn 200 yuan. According to the analysis of CTO Lu Liang, visit a large amount of users concentrated in the husband agency system, the husband agency service has been launched with the upgrade, upgrade them to BSP3.1 and registered blog gold line, will be the emergence of a large number of daily income of tens of dollars, 100 on the blog. Bloggers can share the money, will be far more than 30 million, because the blog gold line to pay for the promotion model, has attracted more advertisers favor.

"we have monitored and analyzed