The network bidding promotion market as also Xiao Xiao loser



in recent years, as soon as possible to take advantage of small and medium enterprises to promote the network, have tasted the sweetness of. The weather is unpredictable, do business must be used to search for a market, has been relying on search engine advertising to support enterprise development can be in decline? Sponsoredsearch performance reality should take what measures? Please now network marketing consultant marketing agency pony know the way for us to start a conversation.

bidding advertising war winner only search service provider

network in the early rise of the batch of small and medium-sized enterprises rely on search engine advertising won the survival and development, but in the network to promote attention by all enterprises, some financial powerful conglomerates have also joined the ranks of network promotion, search bidding mechanism for advertising company is clear, in order to earn the first gold position, each enterprise with the capital, you get the superego single click on the price competition to decades is not uncommon, early on the bidding advertising development of small and medium-sized enterprises, so in the bidding environment had to settle in the bidding rules are not necessarily as first in.

you can imagine, I had a home in advertising, one click 3 cents, the cost and the revenue rate is how high? Can the situation is not only popular vocabulary to do the bidding and bidding for dozens of enterprises is also dozens, even hundreds, to third pages or auction customer ranking, such enterprises on the bidding advertising cost per click doubled in recent times, advertising competitors dozens of search, to bring customers diverted to each enterprise that is for sure, the advertising effect can hardly be avoided at a discount.

original by bidding to seize market opportunities of the enterprise, and now their way very difficult, advertising investment increased, but were back money situation more and more, the auction advertisement ranking rules, regardless of which enterprises seize the first, regardless of search options which enterprise transaction, the ultimate winner is definitely the search engine as service providers, advertisers have to bear the invalid advertising from being generated by user selection "".

brand is a magic weapon for competition in

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enterprise depends on the bidding advertising to win, then such enterprises will have joined the EPR bidding ranks, mechanism for advertising itself, can also cause vicious competition between peers to, of course we compete more powerful search service providers benefit more, of course people search service providers and enterprises, people depend on myself make money no ground for blame. As the enterprise, reliable for advertising to open the market, but not depends on it, because it does not guarantee the interests of the enterprise in the business.

if the sales enterprise ration, then the brand is enterprise’s blood, small Ma Shitu network marketing consultancy warning enterprises bidding advertising can solve the enterprise in an emergency, the brand is to ensure the steady development of enterprises. Give a >