Clear street completed 1 billion yuan C round of financing will integrate the global supply chain


DoNews May 5th news (reporter to close) mobile business platform clearly street today announced the completion of 1 billion yuan C round of financing, this round of financing from Softbank China capital, New Horizon Capital lead investor, venture capital investment, the cornerstone of the capital it.

clear street chairman Lv Jinjie said, C round of financing will focus on the upgrading of talent, increase investment in technology, strengthen the integration of the global supply chain to meet consumer upgrades. "We welcome the world’s best talent to join, to help our platform to achieve younger, fashion and globalization, which is the value of our platform, but also our opportunity."

Lv Jinjie said, clear street will also use the proceeds of the current round of financing, to further promote the construction of the new ecological environment of the young consumer. In this year’s Conference on the seller, Lv Jinjie has announced that the whole platform will be open to the ecological environment, open platform for businesses to open the flow of data, members, products and brands five resources.

public information, clear street was founded in 2011, the platform is located in the mobile terminal e-commerce platform, mainly aimed at 90, after the young crowd, the current platform accounted for more than 90 percent of users after the. At present, the clear street in Beijing, Hangzhou has a dual headquarters, the company has more than 300 people. Prior to the current round of financing, the streets have been clear Tencent, Jun joint capital, Ji Yuan capital investment.

clear Street official disclosure of the latest data show that in 2016 the end of the street has installed more than 100 million mobile terminal, monthly active users reached 30 million, the annual turnover of more than 5 billion.