Ten big data entry point

the past two years, everyone is talking about big data, but said yunliwuli more. Many entrepreneurs are more concerned about is: how can we really find the entry point of big data marketing this paper summarizes the following ten points.

text / Chen Yongdong


many people feel that the era of big data is coming, but often only a hazy feeling, for its real marketing power can be described in a fashionable word – unknown. In fact, it should be as far as possible to understand, will understand its power. For most companies, the main value of big data marketing from the following aspects.

first, user behavior and characteristics analysis. Obviously, as long as the accumulation of sufficient user data, you can analyze the user’s preferences and buying habits, and even do better than the user to understand the user". With this, is the premise and starting point of many big data marketing. In any case, the past will all take the customer as the center "as the slogan of the enterprise can think about the past you really can timely and fully understand customer needs and wants? Perhaps the only big data era the answer to this question is more clear.

second, precision marketing information push support. Over the past few years, precision marketing has been mentioned in many companies, but really few, but the spread of spam. The main reason is that the accuracy of the past in the name of marketing is not accurate, because of its lack of user characteristics data support and detailed and accurate analysis. In contrast, the current RTB advertising and other applications to show us a better accuracy than before, and the back of the big data support.

third, to guide the product and marketing activities to vote for users. If you can understand the main features of potential users in the production of products before, and their expectations, then you can take the production. For example, Netflix before the last Toupai "house of cards", that is through big data analysis to know the potential audience love director and actor, he captured the hearts of the audience. For example, "the times" in the trailer after releasing from micro-blog through big data analysis that the main audience of film group is 90 women, so subsequent marketing activities are mainly carried out for these groups.

fourth, competitor monitoring and brand communication. Competitors are doing what many companies want to know, even if the other party will not tell you, but you can through large data monitoring and analysis that. The effectiveness of brand communication can also identify the direction of big data analysis. For example, can spread trend analysis, content analysis, feature analysis, user interaction of positive and negative emotion classification, category analysis, product reputation attribute distribution, the competitors can be detected by monitoring the spread of the situation, and the user can refer to the industry planning, according to the voice of the user planning content, can also evaluate the operation effect of the micro-blog matrix.

fifth, brand crisis monitoring and management support