The comparison of telephone marketing and network marketing

Why would I write an article for

today, it is because I have just received a phone call claiming to be safe marketing, feeling bored, with just the mood is not very good, so the telephone marketing sister by kick me on a pass, may see this article friends will say that I am not the moral, but one day numerous sell products, sell service phone really makes me feel bored, even want to call someone a bad mood, I also believe that many of my friends would agree with me.

on the other hand, the telephone marketing service personnel is not easy, but I think most people would like me, from these to 3,6 at the beginning of the phone will consider whether or not to take, really, I have thought so many times, but as long as the phone heard soft tone, or that I have a sweet voice call will sometimes call not to regard it as right, on the table, let it go, say what I can not waste it, when some telephone charges, who asked them to harass me, so it is not easy to do telephone marketing.

so what’s the difference between telemarketing and Internet Marketing?

telephone marketing before is not the aim of wide dial, the past few years, all kinds of personal information or business by unscrupulous businessmen after the sale, the telephone marketing began its "targeted" road, is on the "right track", all sectors of the business customer information to sell some of the information collecting mechanism, and then by collecting institutions sold to the needs of customers, the author is to see someone with hacker method based intrusion telecommunications service provider server to obtain accurate user information things in a few years ago, with these information, telephone marketing emphasizes "precision marketing", the better a few years ago, but after all of the telephone marketing "don’t understand", it has less market.

advantages: put more precise

disadvantages: customer acceptance is not high

network marketing is developed over the past few years, but its development speed can be used to "fast" to describe, PPC, network alliance, B2B, C2C, B2C, SEO optimization let a lot of enterprises and individuals to obtain a lot of orders, why network marketing people will be so popular? Thanks to network marketing has the following advantages.

1 illustrated introduction to products and services

2 supports user evaluation with third party guarantee

3 supports online experience or trial service

4 higher accuracy

5 from passive marketing into active acceptance of

6 lower marketing costs

of course, the network marketing also has its disadvantages: the need for a higher network of knowledge, or higher and uncontrollable advertising investment.

is the most important point: telephone marketing is to sell the direction of the product or service is likely to accept the buyer’s recommendation, and network marketing is basically a need to buy >