Do a good job of news marketing please seize the social news and events two keywords

at present, many companies like to publish a large news website in the way of publicity, the creation of enterprise brand. Because many large websites are Baidu news news sources included, so for the enterprise, is a very good promotion channels, however, many enterprises do news propaganda, too much emphasis on interpretation from the perspective of enterprise news, only when the user will focus on products of interest when the enterprise, if the enterprise can stand in the perspective of consumers or media enterprises will become the enterprise news news reports, social events, news, so to shape the corporate image and brand position more penetration.


business news events reported from different angles, concerned about the crowd will be very different, separate to the position of enterprise reports, then the radiation surface is only the products of the enterprises concerned users, to let potential customers the impression effect. However, if the business news media to point to social news events reported, then the radiation surface extended to the entire industry, even on the headline, users are more concerned about the news but ignore the existence of the enterprise, such enterprise news effect is more obvious.

in 2015 double eleven, for example, Ali and Suning and Jingdong around the double eleven competition, first Suning first to the Jingdong made the move, open the "Ping Beijing campaign", then the Jingdong to fight, but directly against Ali, a lawsuit to Industrial and Commercial Bureau Ali said, "get a monopoly, and pinch, and at this time, three squirrels do love news promotion with ALI Jingdong pinch, suddenly broke the news that the three squirrels in eleven because of Ali, the Jingdong had blocked!" clever use of the Jingdong to Ali litigation, then the three squirrels in less than a day of events and news broke the news that three squirrel encounter Jingdong ban is a false alarm……" If on weekdays, if an enterprise brand and business platform for some contradictions in the abandoned business platform, it belongs to, industry news, but in the Jingdong and Ali because of "double eleven" and fight, when the people concerned, three squirrels by taking advantage of the hot, making this "blocked" the incident, doubling the effect of marketing


from this time we can see that enterprises do news events, news events into social news events to promote, you need to pay attention to several aspects of the content.

enterprise news event to have news point

news to be successful, it must focus, and social concerns, interesting things have never heard of before, the news caught the media’s attention, so as to seize the user’s attention.

for example, Ali Jingdong "poultry pinch, Jingdong a lawsuit to Industrial and Commercial Bureau," said Ali threatened businesses, in eleven, only two choose one! ", and Ali’s reply is:" chicken duck duck monopoly report, said the lake! "When users are concerned about the development of the event when the three squirrels have claimed themselves because in eleven two Ali activities were >