The world is not difficult to do the site Taobao customers to promote the experience of half a mon

from the official promotion of Taobao’s mother in June 19th to now, just half a month. In this more than half a month, busy in time to promote Taobao customers, although a lot of workload, but also added some fun in the busy.

said that Ali’s mother Taobao customers, we will naturally linked to the money, Taobao is to make money with the customer. When it comes to money, I this taboo in formal situations, especially mentioned in their own and faithful friends exchange blog, but here have to explain it, publicity since half a month, income is almost zero, the account transaction commission income is 2 yuan, is a buyers through the search deal the. May be submitted for the sale of goods is not much, one percent, and two, people have to buy a $thirty or forty of goods, and to my account is only more than 2 yuan.

but money, I have been hidden in the heart of pain, can’t live without money, no mortgage money barely have savings, now a month to 1 million yuan to mortgage, and feel economic pressure. If I can recommend some goods for Taobao sellers, get some transaction commissions, that is the best thing, the seller through Taobao off sell out of the commodity, with the profits, and part of the profits as a reward for the return to Taobao, it’s not mutually beneficial things


I don’t know whether I will do Taobao to get off how much income, Ali mother community with a large number of Taobao off the success of the text, earn hundreds of thousands of have, for these do not believe or not to believe, can earn thousands of should is there, but it is too much to introduce the experience of it is, by some attractive figures to guide others to click on their website, although it may click on the growth of IP but very little effect, perhaps it can meet part of Amoy webmaster vanity. According to my understanding, there is a small part of Amoy owners are successful, earn money, life has reached the level of Roland (not off), but the vast majority of Amoy owners still earn money, this and other industry construction site for the same reason, know the promotion and operation of the webmaster might succeed.

How to treat the

small number of more than 2 yuan on my account? Said Taobao customers can not earn money now — this conclusion perhaps too early, in fact all of the owners in the early site are not profitable, generally semiconvergence, this part of the webmaster finked out, another part of the webmaster stick successful, we can find the answer from some early on the body. From the insignificant 2 yuan, I feel the hardships of the webmaster, but also to see the site’s profit.

My Taobao

guest website promotion "female Taobao mall" ( the form is a form of mall, previously considered, people came to the station, click on each link to almost all up, after they will to your station come? Not as directly on Taobao go to the top shopping. So many passengers not into the Taobao way, others do.